Memories To Go

Two piece collage. An old photo of my aunts friend taken way back. I do not know the date, probably in the early forties. It is a copy of the photo. My aunt is in the picture also but I took her out. I love looking at old photographs. I'm a pack rat. I squirreled away a lot of our old family pictures and love to use them in my collages. It's soldered and connected with jump rings. Ready to hang on the wall.

Wallpaper Design

I wanted to play around with action painting again. The last time I did one I felt I wasted a lot of paint on the roller. This is the left over paint rolled onto a piece of watercolor paper. From there I decided to play around with layers of color, stamps and doodles. I like wallpaper that is a series of stripes. There is some possibility here.

Gerbera Daisy

Well spring has finally arrived. My niece gave me this beautiful potted daisy for Easter. So of course I had to take some shots. I took this photo with my new macro lens. And I am proud to say it is all natural. I did not have to touch it up with photoshop or picture manager. I just love the color of the background. I don't know where that color came from.

Follow Your Heart

I did this one on Friday. It was a play day for me. This is a reoccurring theme with me. I have been wanting to do another collage piece for a while and this is where my heart has led me. Those are old buttons stitched on with red embroidery floss. The red x's are red embroidery floss also. I used a red gel pen to color in her hat , heart and collar. I had to take a photo instead of scan because of the button. I really need a lot of practice with my macro lens. I also need help in photoshop. I bought photoshop elements a few days ago and not sure if I like it or not.

Kitchen Theme "Chef" " Bread & Butter" "Cookie Jar"

Here is my Kitchen theme entry for IMT this week. We did the same theme at a group trade at MADATC. I had a lot of fun doing these. Hope everyone enjoyed doing this theme as much as I did.

Poppies On Action Painting

This was a big leap for me. This is why I am entering Poppies in the IMT Challenge this week. I usually try all kinds of techniques and never do anything with them. The background here is the action painting prompt I did last week for IMT. I wanted to use it as a background for a painting or collage. I really did not know what to do with it. Normally I over think things and then either nothing happens or I don't like what I spent so much time thinking about. So to me the leap was taking the next step quickly and without over thinking it.