Art Journal Cover

Yesterday's Paris theme over at MMM inspired me to do another collage. I did this on a cover of a new art journal. I think I'll use it when traveling. I have to do the back, maybe tomorrow. I really like the way it came out. I did something new. It seems I never do the same thing twice. This time I took a sponge brush roller, the cheap one's you can get at the craft store, and rolled it in three different colors. Then I rolled that over the top to finish it off. I usually wipe the last layer on. This gives a different feel. I think it needs a title. And maybe a few more finishing touches like ribbons or something of that nature. Maybe you all could help me with the title. Any input is greatly appreciated.


  1. This has really great texture! the pink with the touches of black is very effective... and I just love the cowgirl! I would leave it as is - it looks great!

  2. Oh Charlie! This is gorgeous! I love the depth created by your background and learned so much from your description of the technique you used. The cowgirl image just finishes the piece to perfection.

  3. That's a wonderful's wonderful to play around and try something new -- even if you "made it up" yourself...I think sometimes that's even better. I really like this and don't think it needs much more at all...a title if you like or words that make you feel inspired...but overall? I think it's "perfection".

  4. wow what a beauti!!!
    beautiful color .