Bon Vovage

Here is the back of the art journal. It will probably be a travel journal, so the back cover had to have a travel theme. Hopefully I'll fill it up with all kinds of good stuff from some of my journeys... With the price of gas these days and the problem with the airlines, I don't know how much traveling I'll be doing. I have a trip to Las Vegas planned for the near future. Vegas is one of my favorite places to go. The Pairs Casino is the closest I'll ever get to the Eiffel Tower. I love having cocktails in the gazebo bar under the legs of the Eiffel Tower.
I did something different on this collage. I'm wondering if it is noticeable. Any comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking.


  1. Gorgeous!!! Even if you only travel to the mall...this is something you will love to use to record thoughts, impressions, sketches..whatever. It's lovely. I can't tell what you did differently -- hard to see...did you use beeswax?? (I'm guessing because that's something I'm interested in using!)

  2. No it's not beeswax. It's mod podge. I was running out of gel medium. I love gel medium and Michaels does not carry it any more.So I wanted to see if something else worked just as well. It's ok but I still like gel medium better. But beeswax is something I want to try also.