In My House There Is Sunshine

I did this last week for the prompt at Dans Ma Maison il ya but I did not finish it in time. The challenge was to put a sun in the house. I'm usually into collage and mixed media, but thought I should practice drawing since I'm doing the faces class. I think it is appropriate for my life right now. Lots of good things going on and I could not be happier. Even though I worry and feel I don't have a direction or style of art, I am happy. I got some wonderful encouraging comments from all of you and I am thankful. This is my artful journey which is exactly what I want to do, and where I want to be. Change is scary, but mostly it is needed to grow. Sometimes change is so small it is hardly noticeable. I can't believe I am posting my drawings. I would have never shown them before I started blogging. I was too embarrassed to let anyone see them. I am so amazed at all the talent. I just decided to throw myself out there. All in all I was shocked. A lot of people liked my silly little stick figures. Go figure. Little by little good things happen.


  1. You just go ahead and throw yourself out there because guaranteed you'll be going in directions you never thought possible. It does make us feel so vulnerable though doesn't it? I think your drawing is fantastic! Bravo for stepping up and out!

  2. Blogger is being a pain tonight – it’s eaten my comment twice!!!
    I had said that your post really spoke to me Charlie as I’m feeling the same way as you – I’m looking forward to taking this painting class and feel like I’m stepping out on a branch to do it – glad we’ll be doing it together!!

    I went out to buy the supplies today and nearly fainted when I paid the’s been so long since I bought paints, brushes, etc. that I’d forgotten how expensive they are.

  3. Going beyond the fear is the greatest gift you can give yourself...
    wonderful drawing ...

  4. Charlie thank you for your lovely comment you left me.
    I have looked through your blog and i am hungry for more you are so talented....your work is different thank you for sharing it with me.
    I left you a little comment on 'listen to your heart'
    chriss x

  5. This is a beautiful drawing. I'm taking the faces class, too, and am feeling myself blossom as I simply draw curved lines on paper. Who knew?? :)