Leson 5 Canvas 2

OK I'm sure everyone is tired of seeing these but they are all I'm working on right now. This one is better.....I guess.
I think I've decided to call this one Hope and the first one Faith. Those names just keep coming back to me. I started this class with faith that I can do this. I know I have a long way to go and a lot to learn. The second one gave me hope that yes maybe I can actually do this. As my fellow blogger friend Patty ask "What are you aware of today?" My answer is...that I am aware of serendipity. Keep looking and you will find it..... Whatever it is. I love happy accidents. I am blessed and on a wonderful journey of self discovery. I'm enjoying the ride and don't want to waste any of it.


  1. I am enjoying her development, she is starting to pop right off the page...very beautiful!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. They are both beautiful! I thought about taking that class too but not sure I could even begin paint a face. Could be fun though.

    The details in both of yours are wonderful and it's neat how each has their own personality. Don't appologize. I know I enjoy seeing them and I think others do too.

  3. Silly goose, we love seeing the progress you are making.

    You started with "faith" that you could do this -- I hope now you see that you have done this, that you have talent and ability and that you are able to do what you put your mind and your heart to.

    I love both of these and I love that you are continuing. I started with the same belief -- that I can do this. And now I'm not in the mood to paint. I think it's summer, having my son in the room I use as a studio and not having easy access to my things -- even though I've tried to make that happen. Am I still making excuses? Maybe. But right now I'm on "hold". Lots of things going on this summer..but I'm glad I've got the lessons on paper and can watch the videos a few more times before Paulette takes them down...and seeing what you are doing keeps me encouraged to complete what I've started!! ♥

  4. Charlie...
    OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so good at this!!!!!!