Simple Pleasures

I'm in a delightful mood today so I thought I'd share some of my simple pleasures. I turned my daughters old room into a shabby chic room. I have all my treasured collectibles in it. Mostly left over stuff from my shop and stuff I could not bare to sell. I love going in there to stare. My husband calls it my shrine. Men don't understand. I have some fun items there and wish the pictures I've taken would come out better. I'll have to work on that. I love small containers like the small trinket boxes or jewelry boxes. This is just a few.
I usually don't blog on the weekends so I thought I'd leave a different picture to look at other than my face paintings. I have been sort of obsessed with them lately. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and gets plenty of RnR.



  1. how very beautiful! its almost like what you see in a little boutique shop


  2. I love that you were in a delightful mood!! I hope you are still in a delightful mood -- what an excellent way to feel!!!