How To Make An Altered Art Journal

Someone asked me how I did this journal, so I thought I would share my way with all of you. It is a very simple process. I thought it was a good idea to use an old vintage book for my journal instead of a new one because it is supposed to be an altered book. I found this one at a thrift store. As you can see I have not decorated the cover yet. That will come later. My journal is an ABC journal about me, but pick any theme you would like.

Divide the book into your desired number of pages and glue the pages together.
Use a glue stick to glue the pages together. This gives substance to each pages so you can add paint and elements. I like this blue colored glue stick best because I can see where the glue is. I've tried gel medium and it is too messy and makes the pages warp too much. Make sure you really cover every inch of the page with the glue. I've gone through about 3 sticks and I'm not finished gluing yet.
Take a plastic credit card or plastic piece like this one here and use it to press the pages together as you glue each page. This helps to eliminate air bubbles. If the pages are wrinkled don't worry, to me that adds to the distressed look. You are going to cover it with paint or scrap pages anyway. Decorate it how ever you want. There are no rules here. Just get creative and have fun.
Here is the next letter in my journal....Letter I for I am Indigo. I do not know where this idea came from. I just like the word indigo. I'm using techniques from Paulette's backgrounds class.


  1. Charlie, you have learned so much from these classes and then there is what you already know and where you just follow your muse and it's wonderful. Thanks for sharing this technique...and I too love the word "indigo" - beautiful page!

  2. I seem to be following Sherry around today-lol! I love what you did with your journal. It's great to see how other people work and learn new things.

  3. Thank you so much for this little lesson. I have always wondered how books were altered but couldn't wrap my head around it..This makes perfect sense and I may now attempt one! It looks awesome!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Thanks for the tutorial. I make these too, and I use the glue stick technique after many failed attempts using wet (elmers glue) adhesive. Cool page!

  5. Cool! Thanks for sharing. Going to have to try that.