Pass It On

Retro cafe art is having a giveaway on October 31st. Go there and enter so you too can have a chance to win this wonderful prize. All you have to do is link them back to your blog.
How fun! I hope I win...I never win anything.
Just a quick update. I started a new painting....yea. I love the process.
I'm in the middle of doing the background. I have an idea of the girl I will be painting for the focal point. So far so good. I am soooo loving this feeling.
And on the flip side it is also exciting to share my art with people and see their reaction. So I have to tell this little story. I went to visit my mom yesterday. She is in an assisted living home in Yoakum. It's a wonderful place. It has a nice family atmosphere. One of the young girls who works there commented on the painting I gave my mom for her birthday. She really liked it and started asking me how I did it. She is a budding artist as well. She was working on a painting and could not finish because she felt she could not do faces. So I told her about Paulette's class and gave her all the information. She ran upstairs to get the painting she was working on, to show me. By the way, she lives upstairs. But anyway she was so excited to show me her work too. Long story short was so much fun to meet someone who actually noticed my art. I was thrilled to share what I know, hopefully to point her in the right direction. I think that we all want to be recognized and appreciated for what we do. We like to share and help each other grow. It was a wonderful feeling to know that my art touched someone else and that I was able to help someone else as a result.


  1. Charlie, if you have never won anything, then I truly hope you win the giveaway on Kris' blog!!! Finger crossed for you!!

    And what a touching story -- art opens our hearts in so many wonderful be appreciated for what you do and then to be able to share that knowlege and information is a gift!

  2. Hi sweetie, that is so true, we do need to feel validated in our should see what I've done in my little space (that was at one time, the dining area, then the reading room) My baby sister, Mary Freemen talked me into making it my studio...and it's great..course all my work is there for anyone coming in to see...good way to be seen..ehhehe!!