Texas Size Flea Market

Just a few of the photos I took at Warrenton. It is huge. Since I'm not in the business any more I just enjoyed being a host and looking. Of course I had to buy a few things but not like when I bought to resale. My friend had never been to the flea market part. She went to Marburger Farms last year, which is the high end antiques show. You cant see everything in a day. Lots of people go for a week. I unfortunately do not have that luxury.
I have more pictures of the flea market on my other blog Picture This.


  1. It would definitely be more than a 1 day visit for me too -- I mean, I'm sure it would take me a whole day just to shop in that one spot "Dead People's Stuff"!!! lol!!! What a name for a shop!!! ;)

  2. Wow, This looks like great fun!!!! A "crafter's" dream !

    I agree with Sherry, the name of that shop is priceless !!! It would be one of my first stops !

    (Thanks for your kind and encouraging comment on my post today! I really appreciate it !)


  3. What a fabulous flea market! I'm jealous. I love that "Dead People's Stuff" too.