keep oN kEEping oN

I scanned this instead of going outside to take a picture. It is a little blurry. Sorry for that.
The next step for this journal page is doing the collage part. I'm not finished.
I did the ings (organizing, cleaning, exercising, doing), yesterday to get me out of my funk. It has helped. I just could not leave this blog with a negative post. It helps to express when I'm down but the best way to get out of it is to stop the negativity. I have to tell myself over and over to stop it. And it works.


  1. Lovely page! I need that organizing thing too. Do you ever find your work space shrinking as you do a project? Mine is ridiculously small at the moment.

  2. Chalie, it's Aimeslee from Pam's workshop and Houston...uh, I'm just gonna go all Texana y Texana on ya: are you NUTS? Girl, if I had one drop of your talent, I'd be sittin purdy. Ok, vent negative, but do not EVUH believe it. I totally luv your work! And I'm adding your blog to my art journal links, too.

    Watch out for our weather, you know. It's been way too consistantly chilly this winter, and I really think the absence of a good sweat every 2-3 days may be causing us ALL a little melancholy, LOLOL. YOU know how it is. hugs and xoxo!

  3. Oh hey thanks for visiting my blog! And, in reply to your comment there, NONONO, don't rip out your buckled pages. Collage the strips right on top of them. Have you ever paper-mached, and applied the paste to both sides of the paper strips? Use the paste and warm water like I described and put the strips onto the pages like that. It's a Journal Pinata! LOLOL Seriously, the pages I did that way were so badly buckled underneath, I was amazed how stiff and strong and FLAT they ended up. Try it, you can always rip em out after ya try it... :-)) xoxo

  4. And now for something completely different, Charlie. Tag. You are it. And I mean you really are IT, girl. No pressure to play but something a touch different. No art tour, just kid stuff. You know, fun.

  5. Charlie...this page is beautiful!

    I didn't get your instructions on the me at please. I would love to know how to make one.

    Hope you have a great weekend my dear. I am having a bit of a "block" too (the last couple of days) so don't feel like the Lone Ranger!