Altered Art Journal Letter L

Here is the next page in my Altered Art Journal...L for Love.
I am going to attempt to do a journal page every day as prompted by Misty. I will do my own thing like always. I know I can"t finish one of these pages from this altered journal every day. However, I write in a notebook every morning and sketch in a sketch book most days. I work on different art projects also. This morning I thought I would combine the two: my diary with my sketch book. What a mess! Misty suggested doing a self portrait. Yuk! I did not like what I saw.... too many wrinkles. It turned out terrible. Not just because of the rendition of myself. I'm so anal. I like to write in straight lines. I usually ramble on about nothing. I have come to conclude I have nothing to say. I think I fear writing more than drawing. This is a real challenge for me.... to combine the two journals. I probably will not post each page because I'm not going to post something I do not like. Just knowing I'm doing the challenge is enough for me. Hopefully something good will come of it.


  1. Charlie, you have a lot to say. And we are waiting to hear it, see it, whatever way you give it. The fact that you are doing this combo act -- despite not liking what you see in the mirror -- speaks volumes to me.
    And I love those colours! You go, girl.

  2. Thanks for your comment, and by the way, the girls absolutely loved the earings! As soon as they saw the earings, they imediately put them on! Thanks again! Wonderful jewelry!

  3. I really love this page and its color combination.

  4. I want to learn how to do these journals. I love all the beautiful colors you are using. This is just amazing :)

    Have a wonderful day sweet friend!