Another Art Journal Page

Here is my redhead girl. She is always asking Why? At least I feel I ask "Why?" most of the time.
Just like now ..... I just joined Facebook. Why? ......I did not really want to....But my sister-in-law Kelly has asked me numerous times to join. My friend Laurel invited me as well, so I gave in. Hopefully it wont take up too much time. Right! We will see. I'm already addicted to this blog. Now I'll have something else to manage. So I joined Facebook because Kelly wanted me to see her kitchen. She is in the midst of remodeling it. I join, go to her wall and no pictures of her kitchen.
I have to get go....I have tons of work to do. I have to get my taxes together.... ugh!


  1. Gorgeous red headed girl!! Love her green eyes and the background is beautiful!!

    Facebook?!? Good luck on not spending much time there!! ha! I've joined -- twice and deleted myself twice. Just too much bother for me. Pace yourself!! :)

  2. She is beautiful!

    I only spent one weekend addicted to connecting on Facebook so I think I'm going to be okay. I just check it every now and then to check up on the family. I did get suckered into Mafia Wars. Don't worry, I won't send you an invite for that. ;-)