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I love the bridges in New York City. It would be nice to go back.

I feel I'm on hold....waiting...waiting.... waiting for


  1. Sometimes being on "hold" isn't a bad thing...if you have something else to occupy your time while you wait. Love your bridges...maybe this bridge is symbolic? Of carrying you from one place to another in your life?

  2. Hi, Charlie! Wow, you are so cryptic! Hey, I went back all the way to Pink n Purple to catch up with your work, and it's all good! Love it. Oh, and Mickey Dolenz, baby (this is so like the John vs. Paul argument, hehe). Seriously, no lie...I met Davey and Mickey at Astroworld back in the early 80's...they were appearing there as a duo. Poor guys...Astroworld. They'd sunk that low. LOLOL It didn't matter to me tho, finally met my childhood throbs, woohoo!

  3. Charlie...I love the colors you used in this and now these colors have inspired me to search my inventory to try to find something in these colors to design with :)

    I hope you will have a lovely weekend my dear!


  4. Oh gosh, this journal page is so rich in detail and in emotion. I too would love to go back to NYC...
    thanks again for sharing your art journeys and life with us, Charlie.

  5. I SO know the "waiting" game feeling!! LOL....Your blog looks great...been playing catch up...And your paintings are truly WONDERFUL...what a fabulous job with those faces....One day, I am going to catch up with that!! LOL....But for now...I will revisit yours from time to time....
    Artfully Yours,