Sisters Art Wall Hanging

Wow it seem like a long time since I posted last! I developed an eye allergy to my make-up. Blahhhh. My eyes were so itchy and swollen. I had to throw away all of my make-up and buy a different brand. I had to stop wearing it for a while. I have not felt like doing much lately. I think it was more than eye allergies. My head was clogged up and my nose was running, just an all around yukky feeling.
But things are better now! I'm back to my normal self. I'm doing my little art dance....where I twirl around so fast doing things I get dizzy. Sometime I don't know if I'm coming or going. I catch myself standing in the middle of the room in some deep thought. Then I have to remember what I was doing or where I was headed next. I love it. This is when I'm at my most creative.
This here is a cute little wall hanging of the sisters print. It is listed on my Etsy shop. It is a photocopy of the print, then sandwiched between glass and soldered. I added the beaded hanging, which I hand beaded much fun.


  1. Oooh sorry about the eye infection from the make-up allergy!!! That can be nasty!! (not to mention expensive at having to dump all the eye make up and buy a different brand!). And there's no doubt when you have an infection like that it can make you feel miserable in so many other ways.

    Glad to know you are twirling and swirly dancing in the art mode!!! Love the beaded hanger!!!

  2. How do you do these beautiful works? The colours, the composition... just wonderful. I hope you do more of these.

    You take care. I had something similar which developed into something else nastier so I am in total empathy. Fine now, but wow was it awful. It took me six or seven months to get over it, so again, be careful.
    Your Friend