I need to take this time to reflect, to fill my well. Today is a good day to do it. My prayers have been answered...The rain has finally made it's way to us. Rainy days are so nice especially since it is something scarce.
Today would be a good day to wallow in my bed. I love that word.....wallow.
I want to be able to wallow like my dog. He rolls and wallows on the grass....on the carpet. He seems to get such pleasure out of it.......wiggling from side to side with his feet up in the air.
I tried it once.....It's not easy to do.
Dogs really know how to live.
So.....anyway I'm going to go do some wallowing.....LOL...
Want to join me?


  1. Wallow...even the word has the perfect sound to it...and I love how you've described your way to wallow...most people translate the word to melancholy and moroseness...you've likened it to how a dog behaves when it is relaxing and that's perfect...dogs have certainly got the right idea about life...give me a second...I'm getting ready to wallow too!!! xoxoxo glad the rains arrived...make the most of your wallowing day!

  2. Lovely new pages! Gosh I haven't wallowed in bed in so long. I think it's been years since I laid in bed all day and read a book. I wallowed on the couch with my coffee watching HGTV for a bit this morning. Does that count?

  3. Wallow away, Charlie...

    What a great journey you are on! This page is fantastic, the colours so rich and alive. Love how the cameos are atop the dresser... where else would a lady keep her treasures?