"Girl With The Pearl Earring"

I can report good news! The biopsy taken on my husband's lymph node came back negative. We can all breath easy for now. He is a high risk for melanoma but this is to be expected with his skin. He is a whitey living in south Texas. I say this jokingly. He has had basal cell carcinoma before but this was the first time for melanoma. And what an ordeal he had to go through for this tiny patch. He had to have plastic surgery because of the location which was on the inside of his right knee. This is why he has a brace and on crutches. Oh ..... and I've been waiting on him hand and foot. He wanted a cow bell to ring when he needs me...but I said no with a capital N.O. It really has not been too bad waiting on him but of course it has only been one week. I'll wait until week two or three to pass judgement. He thinks he is going back to work soon....I don't see it.
Oh and by the way this is my latest painting and my latest trick in Photoshop.


  1. Love this painting! Usually I follow your blog in my googlereader. so, glad I stopped by the site today ... Love the song of the day also!! Nothing by New Bohemians.

  2. Doing the happy dance for you and that man you love!!! A cow bell?? I think not!!! Life is sweet when they give you the good news,isn't it??

    Love love love the girl with the pearl earring...Vermeer would be most impressed!!

  3. I am THRILLED that the results on his biopsy were negative! YAY!

    That is SO funny about the cow bell because when I was off my knee for 4 weeks, I had a little ceramic bell to ring for the Commander to wait on me. LOL, I used it a little more than I should have *snort*

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this new painting. Of course, you know I adore everything you create :)

    Happy Day to you sweet girl and your husband!

  4. Fantastic news and I continue to expect more good news. Life smiles on us now and then. A cow bell? What the...??? At least he has a sense of humour. LOL.
    Take good care.
    Candace x

  5. So happy to hear about your hubby's test results! What is it with the whole bell thing?

    That is a cool effect on the photo and she is so beautiful.