Be Your Own Superhero

My dear friend Sherry just launched her "Be Your Own Superhero" Zine. She did this to raise money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Click on the link and it will take you to the site where you can buy the Zine yourself. It's a worthy cause.
I am actually one of the contributing artist....yes little ole me. I can not believe she asked me to do this. She asked me and some other artist to interpret through our own style of art what it means to be our own superhero.
Sherry is a breast cancer survivor and each year she does some sort of fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Foundation. Please check out her blog Everyday Possibilities by clicking this link and I know you will be hooked. She is a very inspirational writer. You will love her wit and will be constantly impressed at her take on life. She is my superhero and I'm always inspired by her.

Pumpkinhead Scarecrow

"You Don't Scare Me"

This is what happens when I don't feel like watching tv in the evening. Sometimes I doodle and sometimes I work in Photoshop doing digital art. I was practicing my swirls and twirls doodles because I want to add more to my collection in ps when I got the urge to this Halloween scene. Don't judge me, lol, I know my art tends to be childish. I guess I'm a child at heart and Halloween brings it out in me. I don't seem to get the urge to do these drawing any other time. Ummm!
Not sure why.
This poor pumpkinhead scarecrow has some issues. She looks like a man scarecrow in a skirt. Poor thing. She can't seem to scare any of the birds away either. Who wears rubber rain boots with a skirt?
The colors did not come out right in the scan. Some of the yellow is really a lime green. Oh well you get the idea.

Birthday Celebrations

My birthday turned out fabulous. We celebrated at Maggiano's. Ate way too much food and drank way too much wine. We ordered family style so we got to try a huge variety of entrees off the menu. I have never eaten there before. It's a beautiful place and I love all the chandeliers.

Here are some of the lovely gifts I got for my birthday. A pink beach bag, Cakebread wine which is the best white wine I've ever had. I usually only drink reds, so this is saying something. I got this cute happy birthday wine glass, a necklace, and some gift cards to my favorite store....hobby lobby, a card to Barnes and nobles and a restaurant. I'm so blessed, what can I say! I wish all of you could have been there.

Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my birthday!
I'll be celebrating tonight, by having a nice Italian dinner with my family. For now I'm off to get my tootsies done. I'm treating myself to a pedicure. Have not had one in a while and the heels and toes look it. Maybe I'll even get some starbucks on the way. Today is Charlie Day so anything I want. Weeeeeee!
See you next week!
My Birthday is on the 25th not the 24th. I did not post this on the 24th. Not sure why the date is wrong.

Altered Art Journal Letter U


Here is the next letter in my altered art journal. U is for unpredictable. I'm unpredictable according to my husband. Only because he can't figure me out. I like to change things up here and there. I don't want to get in a rut. In other words I change my mind a lot. It's not that I want to keep him guessing. I just think predictable is boring.
I hope everyone is having a fabulous fall.
We are in the 70's and raining. What a difference a few days make! Two days ago it was 95 and sunny. That's living in Texas. Maybe I get my unpredictability from living in an unpredictable state.

I'm still here

I have'nt gone missing. I 'm still here. I've had two birthdays last week, my husbands and my mom's. Mine is coming up soon.
Last night I got one of my migraine headaches. I did not get much sleep. The worst part is the nausea. I hate the feeling and I fight it to no luck. The headaches always end up with me hugging the toilet. Yuk! enough of this talk. I'm better now just a little weak.
Fall is here and we are getting some rain. It feels wonderful.
It will be a great day to spend in the studio, if I can get my you know what out of bed.
I listed this card on my etsy yesterday.

I am a ditz

My friend Sherry posted an old Halloween photo of herself on her blog the other day. Which of course inspired me to dig through my childhood photo's. This is the only picture I have of me in a Halloween costume. I don't remember dressing up much until I got older. I just remember wearing these stupid mask. Trust me! it is me! You can laugh now. I don't care. I'm laughing too. We must have worn normal clothes. I know I never got an outfit to match the mask. I guess as long as you were not recognized it was a good thing.
I was probably just a tiny little bit of a nerd anyway. Ha ha... I know I'm a nerd and I'm also a ditzy blond. I may not be a real blond even though my hair looks blond these days because of all the highlighting I do. With this in mind I have to tell about my ditzyness.
Yesterday as you know I went to the DMV. I had to renew the license, get my thumbs printed and take a new picture. I sat there an hour and half , spoke to a nice young lady the whole time, even saw an old acquaintance and spoke to him. Everything was fine until I got home and looked in the mirror and noticed I did not put on the last layer of mascara. You might say so what but the last layer is the black layer. I use this dual type these days. The first layer is a white lengthening layer and the top layer is the black part. So I walked around with white eyelashes all day and got my drivers license picture taken with white lashes.
What a ditz! Or should I say nerd?

Halloween Digital Collage Sheet

Here is the Halloween digital collage sheet just now listed in my Etsy store.
I had so much fun drawing these for use in my digital art that I decided to share them.
I used the spider in " Cinda In Scary Room" digital art.
I can see all kinds of possibilities.

Now that I did a little work I'm off to the DMV. Oh JoY! I need to renew my drivers license.
Then I might do a little shopping, if I'm not too worn out from the waiting . I know I'll have to sit there for at least an hour. It's never easy.
Have a nice day!

Here again

Here is Cinda in a scary room. I got the background art from Itkupilli. She is the same artist who did the background for my blog. I just love her art. She is on Etsy as well. Cinda is my sketch and I'm using photoshop to enhance her and place her in different settings.


No longer available!

I did manage to make the cupcakes this week and actually listed them on my Etsy yesterday. I'm selling them in a set of six. I think it's a much better deal and they look so cute in a group.

Today my husband is moving my computer and desk all around. He is setting up his work office in our home. He will officially be working out of our house September 21. His desk is being delivered next Friday, so he has to rearrange our office. That means moving me around. Now I am facing the other wall, no big deal. He needs the phone jack by his desk, etc. etc. I don't care put me anywhere. I wish I could put my computer in my studio but there is no room. I have a very small studio. I'm sure some people have closets bigger then my studio. I'm not complaining. I love my little art space. I have an easel and a table for my sewing machine in there, along with a tv and door that leads to my back porch. It's great! I end up working outside a lot, or leaving the door open so I can look outside. Max loves it as well. He can go in and out as he pleases.
I really have not been looking forward to this change. My husband working out of the house. I won't have the house to myself any more. I'm not good with changes. I don't like 'em but I'm sure it will be fine.

Wish me luck! I hope we don't end up killing each other. All this togetherness.....geezzzz.

Cinda The Witch

Here is Cinda with a scary mansion in the background.
I love the way she has turned out. I gave her a little color, some rosy cheeks and darkened her robe. I'm having way toooo much fun!
But today I'm back to working on more cupcakes. I feel like the doughnut man who says " time to make the doughnuts". It's an old commercial and I can't remember which doughnut company anymore but it was funny at the time. I by any means am not tired of making my cupcakes but for some reason that phrase comes into my head each time I go to work on them.
Time to make the cupcakes.


Introducing Cinda. Here is a sketch I did of a witch.
I had a false alarm with the mosaics. I skimmed through the book I bought Friday and realized I'm not as goosy as I thought I would be. I'm not ready to commit to a mosaic project right now. Just not ready to shift gears that drastically. However, I am inspired by Halloween. I want to play around in Photo Shop using this sketch.
Stay tuned to see what I come up.

Late Afternoon Outing

Texas flag hanging out on the sidewalk in downtown Fredericksburg Texas.

We drove to Fredericksburg yesterday late afternoon on a whim. I love these kinds of trips. Last minute outings taken on a whim without any planning. Come to think of it we did not tell anyone we were going either. Hmmmm not sure that is a good idea now. Oh well it was Friday afternoon, the start of a 3 day weekend and we had nothing to do, so why not?

Fredericksburg Texas is a small town turned tourist town in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.
It is one of the best shopping destinations around for antiques,art,decorations, or anything off the wall different. We decided to go because it is also home to some winery's. We have driven to some winery's in the hill country before but we've never been to the ones on main street in downtown Ferdericksburg.
As it turned out it was their First Friday Art Walk. Each first Friday of the month the galleries stay open late and feature different artist.
At the gallery "Artisan at Rocky Hill" Susan Germond a mosaic artist was showing some of her wonderful art. I'm a little partial to mosaic art. I've done numerous pieces and sold a few as well.
I had to buy her book and take a picture of some of her work.
Now I'm all goosey about mosaics. I have boxes of old china and found pieces stashed in my garage just waiting for me to rummage through and break.

I had to buy her book...

This the mosaic artist Susan Germond behind some of her beautiful art. I love the dress form. The chair is pretty fabulous also.


This dress form was a mess when I found it. It had holes and rips everywhere. I'm not sure how old it is probably not an antique but who cares. To fix it up I decided to do paper mache'. There are layers and layers of glue and paper on it. It was a real dress makers form with the moving parts. I closed that all up with the paper mache'. I was really into mosaic at the time and thought about covering up with broken china and tile. As you can see I did not do that style of art. I wanted it to be mixed up, more of a mixed media pieice. I used tissue paper, ephemera, broken china, scrap paper. I'm not sure if it is finished..... I just got tired of working on it.. I wanted to add some fringe on the bottom. I can still add to it. That's the beauty of art.
It's been stashed away in my garage for the past couple of years. Glad I pulled it out. Now where to put it???