I Am A Super Hero

This is the collage I did for Sherry's zine fundraiser for breast cancer awareness.

I received her lovely Zine Monday. I was very excited to open it up and read everyone's interpretation. I was so nervous. It was a strange feeling. All my old doubts and insecurities crept back into my head. How in the world did I get picked to do this project and l I know I can't write worth a flip. As I read through the pages I was so impressed with each and everyone's thoughts. I then remembered what was going on in my head when I painted this collage. I remembered how I came up with this piece of art. It just hit me. I sort of had a tada experience that yes " I am a super hero". I've come along way to even except this accolade. I have touched other peoples lives. I am someone's hero. I am worthwhile.
It's a lovely zine and all proceeds go to the breast cancer foundation in Canada. You can still purchase it here. So you want to be a super hero.

Hope you are having a super hero kind of day!


  1. Charlie, seeing your work here, and in the zine always fills me with joy. To hear you say you were nervous and anxious about putting your work out there, about speaking why you are a super hero and wondering why you had been chosen...and then to come to the realization of "why" and that your collage just "came to you"...that fills my heart with happiness.

    I knew you had it in you. Now you do too. And so does everyone who has purchased the zine and sent me raves of compliments.

    Believe in yourself. Always ♥

  2. You are a super hero....believe!....i do.


  3. Congratulations on being in the zine. Wonderful entry you created for it. Congratulations on recognizing your super heroness. ;-)