The Witch Is In

All I need is my broomstick and then I'll fly off into the night. heheehee insert a witches cackle!
I have tons of work to do to get ready for the big event.
Mostly cooking up a tasty gruel (cupcakes) and then packing up the broom to fly downtown. Here broomy broomstick ....where are you????
Must be hiding. She is a little shy. She only comes out once a year. Gonna have to knock off the cobwebs and give her a good tune up before we leave. She does not like the tuneup.
Now where oh where could she be?
Well anyway, as I go off to find my broom I hope you all have a wonderful, spooky, fun filled
Happy Halloween


  1. Loving the Bach!!!! Perfect choice!!

    And your outfit?!? It's spooktacular!!

    Don't get any flying tickets while running your errands..and have a lovely Halloween!!!

  2. This is sooo cute! Charlie, you have a ghoulish and frightful Halloween and I mean that in the best spooky way...muuahhh!


  3. What a darling blog you have, so happy to have found you through my dear friend Bunny!
    Enjoy your spooky festivities!