Christmas Spirit

Since it is Cyber Monday I'm listing the rest of my broken china pendants and charms in hopes of stirring up some activity on the ole Etsy site.

I'm finally in the Christmas spirit. Could I be in the spirit because a norther came in last night and dropped the temperatures? It's cold, cloudy and drizzling. I'm not sure why this is considered Christmas weather. Hmmmm... I think I'm in the Christmas spirit because I got my tree up. Yea! I still have to decorate the inside of the house and string the outside lights. I wont be working outside today, however. It's too cold!!!! burrrr. It's a chilly 53! Ha ha I know I'm a whimp. I'm so excited about my tree! It is sooooo gorgeous!
I'll be working on wreaths and garlands today, putting away all the fall decorations and sitting out all of my Christmas nic naks. Stay tuned. I hope to get some shots of my tree. Did I say I was so excited about my tree?!
Life is good. I am so blessed.


  1. I love getting into the spirit of Christmas too! Can't wait to see the pics of your decorations, you're inspiring me to post some of my own, on my blog!

  2. Hey Charlie,

    I've done a little decorating too, but nothing compared to the usual circus I put
    And having chilly weather helps to inspire us to do so. Here in Cali it's warm in the day and dang cold at night. Have a good one!