Good morning everyone! I have some exciting news today. Yesterday I was accepted to Inspiration Avenue Etsy Team. I'm looking forward to joining this group. I believe it will be a great fit. All the members are so gracious and friendly. I'm sure it will not only be fun but rewarding.
Above is my new side bar logo I designed for Inspiration Avenues team blog. I spent most of the evening working on it while watching the stupid Cowboys loose to the Packers. Gaaaaa that was a terrible game......if you are a Cowboy's fan!Oh well, it's only a game!
I had a fabulous weekend! Saturday was our 28th wedding anniversary. I can not believe we have been married for that long! Where does the time go?
For our anniversary my husband and I decided to buy a new bed. A new frame/head board not mattress set. We have had the same frame which was never anything special since we got married. We bought it cheap back then because we were poor and young and stupid. I'm not sure why it took us so long to decide we needed a new bed frame because it should have been traded out a long time ago. I've been looking here and there for the past couple of weeks and narrowed it down to what I thought I wanted. Saturday was time to take the hubby. I ended up with something completely different and I'm so glad. He always lets me spend more money then if I purchase it on my own. (wink wink). I've learned over the years. lol. He's a keeper. But anyway we went home and spent the day rearranging the bedroom because we were not sure if it would fit. Oh my gosh have you looked at the headboards these days! They are huge! They can fill up a whole wall! It's going to work! We went back Sunday, ordered my new bed and night stand. It will be here next Tuesday. Yea! I can't wait.
Y'all have a great day!


  1. First of all, congratulations on joining the Inspiration Avenue team! I know you are a perfect fit there!

    Congratulations also on the 28 years of marriage! A new headboard and bedroom set...delightful! Why is it that we wait so long to treat ourselves well? I know we're guilty of that here -- doing without or making do when for not much $$ we can have something nicer. It's taken me forever to learn that lesson!!

  2. First of all Yay! You are on our team! Whoot! I am so happy about that. Secondly, Congratulations on 28 years of marriage. WOW! That's fabulous. Also, how fun to get a new bed and night table. I always get to spend more when Jack is with me too. I totally understand.

  3. woohoo!! so glad you're with us :)) and oh wow!! 28 years of marriage! that is a great achievement!! congratulations!!

  4. I'm so happy you have joined our team! I know you will fit right in and love it here!

    Congratulations on your 28th anniversary. Your comment about spending more money if your hubby is with you is so funny. If I can get my husband in the mood to shop, I love to take him with me, because I know we will buy the more expensive item. It's amazing what you can learn in 20+ years!

  5. Congrats and the art here is beautiful :)

  6. Oh dear, I some how missed this posting! Welcome Charlie, we're honored and delighted to have you on our team and congratulations of your anniversary!!

  7. hi charlie, welcome! you're gonna love this team!