Altered Art Journal Letter Y

"Yin Yang"

Here is letter y in my altered art journal. There are not very many describing words starting with the letter Y. I had a hard time deciding what to do. Y is not an easy letter to do, so I settled on yin yang. I like the concept it represents of harmony and balance, black and white, the male and female meanings and so on. I like the simple black and white symbol for yin yang. This is my doodle interpretation for yin yang. It has a little zentangle applied. Seems like zen and yin should go together. I made my symbol for yin yang a square instead of a circle. I tried to keep it symmetrical and simple.
I did not get to put out all the Christmas decorations. I have so much. It's really crazy and I'm not using most of the tree ornaments. I sent a lot of boxes back up in the attic. I did manage to get the front door decorated. Hopefully I'll get some pictures up tomorrow.
It's so rainy and cold here it's weird. I'm not used to this cold weather. I don't want to go outside but it's time for me to workout. YuK! I have to go so I can eat and drink all I want. I wish! heehee!
Y'all have a good day!


  1. This is beautiful!

    I have not done any decorating at all except my foyer table. I just don't have the time right now but hopefully I will get one of my trees up before Christmas!


  2. I really like this- I've always wanted to do an altered journal, but it seems like things always get in the way.....maybe you'll inspire me to get started :)
    As for decorations; my dining room table is covered, but very little has been set out!

  3. "Y" ? Because we love you!! Remember the Mickey Mouse club??? :)

    Love the yin and yang -- a great choice for "Y" -- you've depicted it so well.

    Christmas decorating?? I've done nothing...should get my butt in gear. Like you I have so much stuff and I didn't use half of it last year...I think I'll start donating what no longer works (to make room for new things!) and just go with what suits my mood at the moment.

  4. Nice interpretation Charlie. One more letter to go. You have so many things going on at one time I'm not surprised you haven't decorated. Rainy cold weather inspires you! Have a good one.


  5. Oh I love your take on yin yang and it's a wonderful choice for the letter Y. The page is beautiful in every respect and I really like that you made it a square - fabulous!
    I hope the weather warms up a bit, it's awfully cold here as well, brrrr!