Holiday Apron

Remember when I said I was in the mood to bake...well I decided I had to have a Christmas apron to cook in first. I spent most of the day yesterday sewing this lovely thing. Now I think I'm going to have to give it to my bf for Christmas. I think it turned out really cute. She likes to cook. It will be perfect for her. I wanted it to have that vintage look, like from the 50's. I did not have too many choices in the vintage catagory at the fabric store. Why can't they sell the stuff people want? Do you know what I mean? There are tons of fabrics in these stores but nothing that I like. If you go in the Bernina center they have all of these cute patterns for vintage aprons, purses, etc, but they don't stock the same cute vintage looking material. These fabrics were the closest thing to vintage I could find. Oh well enough venting. It turned out the way I wanted it to.
Today the weather turned cold and dreary. A perfect day to bake some holiday cookies.


  1. Your vent makes sense Charlie -- if you have the patterns for vintage, then it stands to reason you'd sell corresponding fabrics, right???

    Despite that I think what you came up with is works together and the whole apron has that vintage feel to it.

    Your friend is going to be so happy with this!! :)

  2. Love the apron! And I know just what you mean about the fabric stores- they stock all these cutesy poo "fluffy" fabrics, but it's hard to find anything vintagey.......

  3. Love the apron Charlie. vintage "goods", as my grandmother used to call it, here. Probably on line or specialty store, but you nailed it with the looks whimsical and vintage all at the same time. Happy Holiday to you and yours!


  4. oh i think it's adorable & does have a vintage look! happy baking!!!!

  5. This is a great apron! It looks very "vintage-y". I think aprons should always look that way because they remind me of life in the 50s and 60s, when moms stayed home and wore aprons. June Cleaver always looked so cute in her pearls, heels, and apron lol!!

  6. Wow, I think you did a wonderful job with what was available to you! I love the apron, they'd be a hot item to sell in Etsy too, I'd certainly buy one!

    I have to say I totally relate to your question and feelings about fabric. Honestly, how hard would it be for someone to recreate some vintage fabric designs. Heck if I had the resources I'd do it. ;-)

  7. That is a really cute apron! Love that round piece on it.

  8. OMG charlie!! the apron looks so totally cute!!! :)) i love the combi of stripes and polkadots. my gosh! you should also sell these in your etsy shop! about the fabric problem ... LOL!! it's the same problem everywhere! i think we should all go into fabric printing! that reminds me ... i once wanted to inkjet print my own designs on fabric ... there is a technique with freezer paper, but ended up not doing it becos i couldn't find the inkjet fix product in our market :) but it's a thought!