Oopsy Daisy

I just listed these in my Etsy Store Charlotte's Collection. They are from my Oopsy Daisy Collection. There are 5 more to match. These two just happen to by my favorites. Skip on over there to take a gander at the rest.

BTW it actually snowed for about 5 seconds here in good ole S.A. It was neat while it lasted. It is all melted now. It's been a very drizzly, nasty day. A very good day to stay in the p.j's.

I'm glad I got all of these items listed so now I can rest and take it easy. My stomach has never been the same since last Thursday. Don't let anyone tell you that a colonoscopy is a breeze. Mine would not have been so bad if I could have had the procedure at 8:00 am. But noooo my Dr. had mine scheduled at 2:00 pm and of course then he ran an hour late. I was so hungry and weak that the sedatives made me sick. I was the last person to leave. It's so embarrassing. I felt everything too so more sedation. I guess I'm a whimp. Everyone else is laughing and talking because they are high on the drugs. Not me. So the lesson to take from this is to schedule your procedure as early as possible.
On another note I sold my scrappy art tote almost as soon as I listed it. It was such a delightful surprise.


  1. I knew that tote would sell quickly :) I love the earrings. I wish I could solder but I make such a mess every time I try it.


  2. Love the name "Oopsie Daisy" Collection...way cute! Sorry to hear about your colonoscopy..your right..schedule early as possible next time...it's worth it in the end....LMAO


  3. so pretty charlie :)) and i'm sorry about your experience at the dr's... UGH!! get better soon love :))

  4. I can understand why these are your new favorites, they're awesome! I love the title and the way they look- so cheerful!

  5. I'm sorry that colonoscopy took so much out of you. You're not a wimp girl...everyone has a different threshold for pain and for how the body adapts to lack of food, hydration, etc. The good thing is that if all was well, you shouldn't need another one for another 5-10 years...that's the plus!!

    Love the jewels and I'm not surprised that bag sold so quickly! xo