My Back Porch

The past few weeks I have been working on my back porch. I have been obsessed with it is to say the least. I finished the staining of the concrete part but not quite through with the painting of the chairs. I have about 13 metal bouncers. {That's what I call them.} Most are old and rusty. I found them at garage sales and flea markets. Some are usable, some are way to rusty to sit in. I had them scattered all about my yard for decoration.
In this picture I painted two bouncers white and the lounger white. They were white to begin with, but the rust was showing through. I also painted the cupboard. It was really neat before. The old paint was chipping. I decided it needed to be painted mainly for  protection. This is what it looked like before. It has been like this for years. I had it on my porch all along, but with the new floor I felt it needed a face lift.
Here are two of my favorite rusty bouncers. No one would sit in them before so I decided to varnish them. They are in really good shape. They are sturdy enough for my hubby to sit in, so now they are usable. I love the rust and the old layers of paint showing through. They look really pretty on my rusty concrete floor.

This is  the other heart back bouncer painted white. I did not paint the cart. Maybe next year. It's not that bad.

My patio table set pictured here. I did not paint these. A little rust is showing but I like the rust. I bought it like this. I will probably not paint it for a while.

Last but not least my red bouncers from my mom. They needed a face lift too. They were red originally, but faded and ugly.

I 'll post pictures of the others as I finish them. For now I'm taking a break. I really need to concentrate on my etsy shop.
Hope you all had a great Mothers Day!

P.S.   I still did not find my rings. :(


  1. BRAVO!!! I know that kind of painting is tedious, but it all looks so beautiful...I agree about rust...and preserved rust is just friendlier to sit on...wish I was there.

    Pooh! I thought for sure my fairy-tale dreaming would be true...damn, I hate when I am wrong.
    Stuff always disappears and miraculously reappears in my house...maybe you have a lady ghost, like I do...she is always 'borrowing' things and just when I give up, she returns plain sight.

  2. Great job on everything! I will let you know if I have any questions when I do mine. Still trying to decide if I can do stain or if I'm going to have to paint due to some paint already on the floor. We shall see. Love the different things you did with the chairs.

  3. WOW, what an accomplishment! I love each of the chairs are different and the ones you were able to preserve the rust on, you did- but then I like rust ;) And the floor is fabulous!
    Sorry about your rings- my husband lost his the week before we moved from St. Croix and we never found it, so I kind of know how you feel.....

  4. Oh my have done a wonderful job Charlie. I could sit out there all day...LOVE EVERYTHING!