Teacup Tuesday

There are a few people who participate in Teacup Tuesday.  Bunny at "I'm Just Say'n" got me into this. I'm not sure how long its been going on but it must have been started by Martha at Martha's Favorites.  I thought I'd share some of my beauties. I have a nice collection of teacups. This one is one of my favorites. I love pink combined with either black or brown.  I've never seen a black teacup like this. I wish I had the saucer but I snagged  the cup for only a buck so I thought I got a bargain. 

I have to change gears now and say how depressed I am. I lost my wedding rings this weekend and I'm just sick. I feel as bad as if I lost a loved one. I know that sounds awful, but I am. I can not say how I lost them either. I noticed I was not wearing them Saturday while we were out having lunch and shopping. I thought to myself oh I must not have put them on this morning. I thought they were probably in my jewelry box, but when I got home and looked they were not there. We have searched everywhere. I called the restaurant but of course nothing. I dont' take my rings off when I wash my hands. I'm really pretty anal about things so I'm just plain baffled. I guess somethings just happen. I'm praying and hoping one day they will pop up out of nowhere. For now I'm trying not to let it get to me. I'm trying to stay positive.


  1. That is a very pretty cup. I would have picked it up too for a dollar! The ones with black on them are so pretty.
    Thank you for joining in Tea Cup Tuesday, Maratha and I love to visit all of you. We both began it about 2 months ago, due to our love of china!

    I am so sorry to hear that you have mislaid your wedding rings. I have done this on and off over the years and so far they have always shown up eventually. This is what I hope for you, that they will turn up soon.

  2. Oh Dear Charlie....I am so sorry to hear about your rings. I do pray that they will turn up somewhere. I lost a ring the Commander bought me on our first trip to Vegas and found it a year later in the Christmas decorations so miracles do happen. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.


  3. OH Charlie...that's awful...did you look in the car....between and under the seats, kitchen or bath sink,trash? Retrace your steps...if you didn't hear it fall, maybe it landed somewhere soft...carpet..ect..

    BTW...this teacup is just gorgeous. The color combination is stunning along with the little vignette you created.. Good luck my friend...let us know.


  4. How awful that you lost your wedding rings! I hope they will be found somewhere!
    Your tea cup is lovely and the price was deifnitely right!

  5. Charlie, it's old optimistic Lisa...maybe your husband took them to do something sweet for Mother's Day and you are probably giving him the more anxiety than you have. Act surprised when you get your gift :)

  6. Very pretty Tea cup! I am hoping & praying you locate your rings.. Take care..


  7. Hi: I just love the black tea cup. Your are right they are rare. I am so sorry about your wedding rings. I will pray that you find them. Have a wonderful week. I hope you will join us next week. I would love to see what you will share. Blessings, Martha

  8. So sorry about your rings, I'm hoping that Lisa is right....or they turn up *somewhere* I know how much anxiety something like that can cause!
    And your tea cup is lovely- so lovely, it makes me wish I drank hot tea!

  9. Charlie, I'm so sorry about your rings. But don't give up! So many things turn up unexpectedly. I like Lisa's idea ~ let's hope she's right!

    The teacup is exquisite!

  10. Your Tea Vignette is so lovely! The cup is just wonderful! I am so sorry about your wedding rings! Just keep retracing your steps and hopefully you will find them. I will cross my fingers!
    Lady Katherine at Tea Time Tuesday.