Teacup Tuesday

"Violet "

It's time to show off another one of my teacups for Teacup Tuesday! Join in the fun by clicking the link.

Last Tuesday I had a Dr.'s appointment with the gynecologist but totally forgot to go and I blame Teacup Tuesday lol!  I was so intent in posting for this that I forgot I had an appointment. I was probably still in shock about losing my rings too. So it's not all Teacup Tuesdays fault. I guess I'm losing my mind. I'm so forgetful these days. Yikes! It's scary. My mind is constantly trying to relive where I could have lost them. Also another stupid thing I did  was try to open our front door after we had gone to lunch without the key. Of course my smart mouth husband  had something to say about that. Oh well wish me luck so I can get my head back on straight. 


  1. LoL, at least YOU have an excuse. Pretty cup. You make the nicest little vignettes.

  2. We should create a club of woman with the same ailment...although, we'd all either forget to go to the meetings or where their being held...lol
    Beautiful tea cup Charlie...lavender is such a gorgeous color.


  3. Lovely lilac tea cup! I am glad I met you through Teacup Tuesday. I tried to see your pages on Creative Souls and Paulette's page, but it is direct links to main page and I don't know your last name. Send me a friend invite and I will add you to both! I hope you get a chance to visit both for tea at MsartistSewCrafty and my other blog where I am having a giveaway until tomorrow (hurry if you would like to enter!) MsartsitTheresaHuse both on blogspot :) Have a lovely day, Theresa
    I am going to take a peek at your etsy shop, I am opening one soon!

  4. What a lovely tea cup but do I see a moss rose tea cup behind it???? Visit me to see what i am talking about!

  5. Wow, you really do get serious about your tea cups. I am sorry about the appointment, but I am so glad you came to party. Your tea cup is stunning. I can't wait to see what you will do next week. But, please, be careful. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  6. Your violet teacup is charming and I recognize the rose pattern in the back, also very cute. As far as the missing appointment, it's understandable when it's tea time and your chatting with friends. Your patio is looking good, too. Love those comfy chairs.

  7. lovely teacup! violet is one colour that I never have in my collection! I think I should try to get one!.. thanks for sharing..

  8. You have so many pretty tea cups! I love visiting tea cup Tuesday blogs!

    I'm sure it's trying to find your rings that is making you scatterbrained. Like Lisa says, at least you have an excuse...