View of my Backyard

 Come on over and take a stroll with me through my backyard. It has a rather whimsical country feel and look.

We don't take baths in this but I love the sound the fountain makes.

Urn with America Flags

I'm ready for July 4th. this year. I never decorate in the 4th of July decor but this year I've really gotten into it. 

Rosemary hanger

I've got a lot of hanging things all over the place. 

Hanging Lantern 

What is a yard without a Chandelier? I've had this hanging out so long the yellow plastic dangles have faded. I don't get to use this as much as I would like but it's nice just hanging there. I have some wind chimes, bird feeders and of course a tomato topsy turvy which does not look like it will ever produce any tomatoes and my chairs which you have seen already. I got my lights up but I'm having a hard time taking pictures of them. Oh and by the way I still have to refinish 3 more chairs. I got tired, so not sure if they will get done before the end of the summer. Hope you enjoyed the stroll.
Have a great day!


  1. Oh Charlie, I just love your garden - full of such fun and personality :) I think I want a chandalier in my garden now... If I had that bath I would also have to get in it every now and again...

  2. I absolutly LOVED the stroll, I live for tours like this! What a fun, beautiful, loved garden you have. You're right, what's a garden without a chandeleir...I gotta get one. The tub is the same one I have. Mine is in my bathroom. I bet you have more fun washing your hair than I do :D
    Thanks Charlie, I only wish I could sit on one of your chairs and 'set a spell' as we say here in Pennsyl-tucky.

  3. Oh Yeah we like to sit and talk here in Texas too. It would be nice to chat with you Lisa. Wish you could come down one day. :)

  4. I love your hanging garden! Love love love the chandelier! I wish I had a place to put one ~ I would start looking for one right now.

    Your yard looks like lovely place to "hang out"! Wish I could stroll on over!

  5. Your backyard looks like a magical place. I just adore the way you mix wonderful pieces with nature ... and the chandelier ... a brilliant addition!