Hello, good morning! It's a great day in S.A.
We had a huge thunder storm come through yesterday with hardly any rain. It was fun to watch though. Actually it was a little scary! I did not want to be on the phone or the computer. At least we did not lose any electricity.
Sooooo, I pulled out my sketch pad and drew. It really feels good to draw just for fun again. I am having so much fun in my new class. I'm taking one of Suzi Blu's classes. I think I'm hooked because I feel like signing up for another one. She really has a lot of good tips and ideas. She is so funny too. I get such a kick outta watching her videos. She is such a nut. And I mean that in a good way. She makes you want to throw out all your inhibitions and just act silly.
With that said heehee, I still don't feel like showing  off any of my art work. I do not know why. I used to share everything. When I took Paulettes class......I posted the whole learning process.
I am however still working on my broken china jewelry and other things to sell in my Etsy shop. I have to try to make a little money......... I got to pay for this artsy habit........... Geez, art supplies are expensive!
I'm back to making these seashell items. This is a large scallop shell that I soldered. I think it looks good with the turquoise. I'll be listing it soon.
Toodalee doo for now!


  1. I love the scallop shell with the turquoise. So pretty and summery!

    I'm so glad you are taking Suzi's class! She keeps me giggling when I watch her videos! The only downside to her classes is all of the art supplies she recommends. It does get pricey. But truly, a lot of supplies you already have can be substituted. If only I didn't like to try new stuff so much...

    Are you taking Petite Dolls? I am still working my way thru Goddess and Poet, but I confess I have started Petite Dolls...ugh, I have a problem thinking I can do too many things at once...

    Have a great day!

  2. the necklace is gorgeous charlie! i too love the turquoise and shell combi. the product image is very well captured too.

    i've never done an online class before... how do you find them? is there like a directory? and how much do these classes cost? like is it an on-going thing or just a one off thing? they seem to be fun ... i've seen people taking about them on blogworld.

  3. This is beautiful Charlie...I love the turquoise and the shell together!


  4. This is so pretty- I love how organic the turquoise looks with the shell- they complement each other gorgeously!!! And when you ARE ready, I would love to see what you've been up to in your classes....:)

  5. Gorgeous necklace Charlie! When we went to the Outer Banks I picked up seashell fragments to create jewelry with. How fun! Sounds like your class is going gang busters. Can't wait to see what kind of fun you have been making.

  6. Pretty shell necklace! I want to see your drawings. pout. I haven't taken any of Suzi's classes but am super excited because she will be teaching at Inspired in 2011.