Wine Glass Wednesday

Leopard Print
Heehee don't you just love this one! It's my favorite! I forgot I had painted so many glasses.....geez. I could not find it at first. I was freaking out! I have so many kitchen things. I mean I have tons of glasses, teacups and plates, serving bowls. I like to entertain and don't like to use paper or plastic dinnerware....sometimes I have to though. Oh well....not sure this is a wine glass but I'm using it anyway...... For wine glass Wednesday!

 A little bit closer now!

But I like it! I thought I would try taking the pictures inside this morning but the lighting would not cooperate. I think it will make a great texture background for digital collage, so I'm keeping it.
I'm off to do more art! I'm sorry I don't feel like sharing my art these days. I'm feeling sort of self conscience about it. I'm taking a class and really enjoying it. It's all for myself just to make me happy.
Check out more wine glasses by visiting Lisa at Priti Studio!
Enjoy your week!


  1. This one is my new favorite! Wouldn't a Mimosa look priti in there...Yummy! Hmmm, what time is it???

  2. Wow!!!
    This is awesome!!!
    Absolutely love it!

  3. I love this- I am a fool for leopard prints, and I agree with Lisa that it would be a perfect fit for a mimosa!