Day Two Roman Holiday

Fountain of Trevi

Here I am at the Fountain of Trevi. I'm not too crazy about this picture of me.....bad hair day. My flat iron did not fit properly with the converter I brought for the outlet conversions,so it did not work at all the whole time we were there. Everyone said I looked more European with the curly hair...yeah right :) Oh well I let it go and now it's part of my new year, new me motto. I'm not straightening my hair least more then not.

Santa Maria del Popola

This church has two Caravaggio's in it. Wow this boggles my mind. This is just another church out of many that are unassuming outside and amazingly beautiful inside. Unfortunately too dark for pictures, and you cant' take pictures of the Caravaggio's anyway.

Spanish Steps

 This area around the Spanish steps is a fun gathering place for everyone day and night. Streets leading up to this piazza have some high end shopping.

Spanish Steps at Night

 Sorry about the blurry picture, but I'm not that great of a photographer and night time shots are hard for me. I love to take pictures at night though.

Night time in Rome
This street is just off the piazza close to the Spanish steps. Ok we did not spend all day at the Spanish steps. We came back here in the evening on another night.

Inside a Church

I don't know the name of this church. It is one of many we stumbled onto on our second day in Rome. I can't read Italian and it was not mentioned in my tour book. Just another church in Rome, no famous art inside just amazingly beautiful!

Basilica San Marco

Ok here is another church. I hope you don't get tired of churches.

Our third day in Rome we toured the Colosseum and the Roman Forum.
More pictures to come.


  1. I'm grinning ear to ear and as I look at each photo before we get to the caption I'm saying to myself "that's..." and "oh that's..." --- I'm loving your photographs and I hope you keep sharing...they are giving me so many happy memories. Seeing Rome through your eyes after having seen it with my own is a wonderful experience Charlie.

    As for your hair? I love it!!!! When in Rome, remember??? And if you've carried this decision home with you then Rome was more than a vacation or an adventure -- it was a journey!!! ♥

  2. Brill - especially love the pic of the Spanish steps at night.

  3. I am LOVING all these pictures!!! More!!!


  4. I never get tired of pictures of Rome! It is one of my favorite cities. It is just so sad that there is so much graffiti! Patsy from