Sacred Ancient Symbolic Art

Rome is full of this sort of religious wall art. They are on the buildings outside almost on every street. It does not matter if the street is a quaint little side street or busy and crowded. I was so enthralled by them all.

I loved the canopies and shelving like in this one above. 

I have made these and some of my other Rome photos into art cards. I've decided to sell them on Etsy. I guess I had an ah ha moment, so for now I'm back up and running on Etsy.
This week Inspiration Ave's theme is religious art so I'm entering these.Click the link to check out more art. 
Thanks for looking.


  1. Beautiful images, Charlie! How fun to sell them on etsy.

  2. Too often we "overlook" religious art as "art" but it is, in so many beautiful ways. I love the canopy one and I love the framing they use as well.

    It all fits in so beautifully over there and yet here, when Italians or other ethnic groups use their religious art outside the home as decor it looks out of place and I think we appreciate it less. This post of yours has given me the push to look at something like this next time I see it in a different way.

  3. I was super impressed with these lovely photos. I love seeing photos from other countries and these religious art inspired ones are super for the IA challenge this week.

  4. Great photos that are perfect for this week's theme & will make beautiful art cards suitable for a variety of occasions. I would love to visit Rome and see all this for myself....

    Kat X

  5. Oh those are amazing - they'll make beautiful cards. I'm so jealous Charlie, I'd love to see them firsthand like you!

  6. My gosh, Charlie! I think you took these photos just for me...I gotta get to your shop!

  7. Charlie, how amazing that art like this is just hanging around on the streets! I have just got to go see this beauty myself!

    Great idea to make these into cards ~ they should sell like hotcakes!

  8. That canopy needs to be in my studio!!