Easter's On It's Way

Flounce Easter Apron

I have the urge to sew again. To tell the truth I need to do something other than unpack boxes. 
I also think some homemade curtains might be next on the agenda. 
 I actually bought a pattern this time. All the other aprons I've made were cut out from a purchased  apron. My way is easier. This stupid pattern's instructions are terrible. It said it was an easy pattern ....bunch of liars. 

I like the flounce at the bottom. It's a really cute pattern

I have to show off a few sunset photos  taken out on my deck. The whole reason we bought the house. "The view". I could stare at these all the time. 



  1. Little wonder you bought the house if this is the view you have every day...incredible!!!

    I like the apron but you make me laugh -- patterns can be such liars!!! Always best to stick with what you know -- and I think your way sounds like it works for you!!! xo

  2. I LOVE this apron. I am a total apron freak!!

    That view is so awesome.


  3. Beautiful sunset photos! Found you thru Brave Girls club. I like your little birdie.