My Easter Centerpiece

This Easter will be our first Easter in our new home, so we will be hosting the dinner. Actually it's our first holiday to celebrate here as well. I'm really looking forward to it. In the past we either went to my sisters home or my mom's or mother in law's.  Now that both sets of parents have gone to heaven and my sisters and I have our own families to deal with we are not getting together at holidays as much as we used to. It's sad that this has to happen, but that is the nature of things. My family has grown too. Each of my children have companions and they will be coming over. I'm so happy that they can be with us this year. Hopefully my sister- in- law and her husband will be able to attend as well. Since it is our first formal dinner party at our new home I guess I'm extra excited. We did not have a formal dinning room in our old home. (One of the reasons we wanted to move. We needed more eating space. ) I'm not sure what the menu will be. I'm in planning stages.....looking for some new recipes.  Any ideas??


  1. That is too damn adorable! LOVE IT!

  2. hi Charlie! Love all the crafting your doing I have been doing more blogging along with sharing my crafts on my other blog I need to get back to painting and journaling. I saw your birdied on the brave girls newsletter. Thanks for the birthday wishes on fb I haven't been there much. Drop by my website and join my link up with your projects anytime. Wishing you a happy Easter!! Theresa

  3. Saw you on Brave's girl newsletter, love your blog. Will keep you & your husband in my prayers. Got this email yesterday with Easter ideas.
    Have fun with your family this weekend!