Day 3 and 4 Work Continues

This is the basic frame of the deck. Two levels and then we are going to utilize the area below as well. We plan to have them close in one side for a storage room. The other side we want to put in pavers so there will be more seating underneath. This is where we need a level out the land and make a patio.

Day 4

Day 4
On day 4 they put in the metal post....cutting and setting with concrete. I hate the sound of sawing metal, and it hurt Max's ears too.
It's so hot and humid out there right now. I feel so sorry for these guys!

Above is a picture of what our lovely dirt looks like. It's nothing but rock. It's a wonder anything will grow out here. This is hill country, north SA dirt. The south side of San Antonio has much better dirt. There are pockets of fields on the north side but mostly it looks like this.
That is why I am going to keep everything natural. I'm finished with fighting this soil. I did it for 25 years at the old house. It's so much work digging holes in solid rock. These guys used an auger to dig the holes for the posts.  I should have had an auger. :)

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