I'm so glad I went to Chicago this past week. It's a beautiful city. I had so much fun with my girlfriend. Neither of us had ever been there before. We decided to take a mini vacation, a much need vacation together. We are checking off our bucket list one city at a time. What an awesome town to visit. I love architecture... as one can see by the photos. As always I took way too many pictures....close to 200 photos,  I'd love to share them all but that would be ridiculous.
We chose this place because our husbands have been there numerous times without us. They both raved about it and said we needed to go. I can see why they like it so much. It's really more of a guy town, lots of sports, dark woody sports bars and it's cold. But the magnificent mile is a definite girl nirvana. Oh my... we had a ball shopping. We stayed right in the middle of it. We were in heaven. We did do some other cultural things, like the museums and so on, but the shopping was the best.
Now with all this said both of us agree we still like New York better. I'm sorry Chicago, but I think it's because New York is more girly. But that does not mean I wont want to come back, most likely with my hubby next time.

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