Valentines Day Red Apron

My word for this year is SAVOR! 
I know you are asking what does that have to do with this apron?
Or that I have this lovely red apron  listed in my Etsy shop :)
Well, well, the word SAVOR has more pizzazz then enjoy. Right?
Just look at this apron and imagine all the fun one could have with it. 
LOL! I love it!
Not only can I have fun with this apron I had fun searching for it.
I love the treasure hunt for items to sell in my Etsy shop.
But that is just one aspect for the word savor.
Each and everything I do from now on I'm going to savor the experience. I'm not letting a day go by or a moment go buy without really enjoying/savoring.
Good and bad it does not matter. Life is too short.
Still in my pi's, watching Rachael Ray while typing a post for my blog,
on a dreary, frigid, winters morning; are all priceless moments I want to remember. 
I'm savoring.

Guardian Angels

Finally spent some time in the studio. Oh it feels so good. There is nothing better then creating. I love to work with my hands. I love it, love it, love it. 
So why do I stop? Crazy! 
I've been reflecting on the past year and all that has happened.
 I feel so very blessed and thankful. 
 I could be so negative because of the ugly cancer and other negative things going on in my life (which I have never mentioned here). 
I refuse to be negative…... Positive thinking has been my salvation.
 Oh my, I can not believe how negative I used to be….how hard on me I used to be… judgmental to others I used to be…..and judgmental of myself! 
I have made so many mistakes, done such stupid things and been wronged by others. 
It's especially hard to forgive others and forget, but I know I can't have that baggage. 
I know God has helped me. I pray! I believe! My prayers have been answered. I am blessed. 
I think I have a guardian angel. How else have I gotten through. 
There are too many near misses….too many happenings that don't' make sense. Things that I don't' have control of. 
I guess that comes with just letting go…trusting. 
Either way…these are my sweet little angels…….To be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide.

No Excuses

I don't know where the time has gone! Here it is the middle of January and I'm just now posting something. I know, I know it's been ages since I've blogged. And really, I have no excuses other then pure laziness. I have not painted either. I feel so agitated.
Christmas was awesome! It's been colder then normal here in Texas. I attribute that to the laziness. I stay in my pj's most of the day. My hubby finished the cancer treatments Jan 2. We are so happy but now have to wait until February for the scan. That will tell us if it is gone. We are very hopeful.
My son is getting married in April. I'm planning a shower, so fun, fun, fun. I can't wait! I have to find a dress for the wedding. I don't know what to wear.
I'm trying to think of some tutorials to do, to post here. Something to do with the shower. My head is spinning with ideas. If I can get disciplined and organized I will post about the shower and of course any new paintings I do along the way.
I'm so looking forward to 2014. Changes are in the air. It will be scary and exciting.
Wishing y'all a happy 2014 even though I'm a tad late.