Bridal Shower Ideas

Miss To Mrs Banner

Wine Bottle with Baby's Breath Table Centerpiece

Cupcake Dress

Recipe Box and Pinwheel Crosages

Burlap Heart Banner

If you have been keeping up with my blog you would know my son is soon to be wed, and that I was throwing a bridal shower for his fiancé.
Well it finally happened this past Saturday!
 I had a blast making these sweet decorations.
I wish I had had enough time and energy to do tutorials for some of the projects; like the Miss to Mrs. banner or the pinwheel corsages. So sorry,,,, I really had intentions of doing at least one tutorial, but I could not find the time. It has been one crazy month.

I found most of the ideas on Pinterest. Then of course I made them my own way.

The shower was a kitchen themed shower. I got the invitations from Etsy, and you might know I have a shop on Etsy too.
I found a cute Mason Jar Kitchen Invitation from

Cherry Berry Designs

If you click the link to Cherry Berry Designs you will see the exact same invitation I used only a different color. The lady who makes these invites is super sweet and will totally work with you.

I made my own pinwheel corsages for the bride, hostesses, bridesmaids, moms and grandmothers.
They turned out so cute.

Pinwheel Corsages

I saved 6 clear wine bottles for the centerpiece and glued rhinestone ribbon on the necks of the bottles. I found the rhinestone ribbon at Michaels for a dollar. What a steal! I was having a heart attack when I found that ribbon. I knew exactly what I was going to use it for. Lol! I also used it on the frosted bottle on the table with the recipe box.

I made a recipe box because everyone received a blank recipe card in their invitation to fill out their favorite recipe to give to the bride.  I found the pre decorated box at the dollar store. All I had to do to spruce up the box was glue four wooden balls for feet on the bottom of the box. I got an oval chip board and stamped "recipes" and glued that to the front of the box.

The burlap heart banner is fairly self explanatory. Only difference is I sewed the paper hearts instead of glueing the hearts on the burlap.

As thank you gifts for everyone who came I gave out wooden spoons with thank you tags tied on with ribbons.

I used a lot of mason jars because the bride is using them for wedding decorations as well. Pint size jars for drinking glasses, the quart size jars were decorated with burlap and ribbon to use as utensil holders and also used for vases with baby's breath.

I had the cupcake dress made at my local HEB bakery. I put the pearls and brooch on it myself. Really if you know how to decorate a cake this idea is not that hard. Place cupcakes in the form of a dress and decorate with beads and a brooch. I think they used glitter icing which I would not have had.  I had to have it made because i don't know how to decorate a cake.

Bride Apron

And last but not least I made a turquoise bride apron for the bride to be to wear.  I also requested that all the hostesses wear aprons.
It was way too much fun!
Hope this gives some ideas for anyone who might be throwing a shower.


  1. You must be the best mom~ever! What a lucky girl to be your new daughter...
    beautiful, thoughtful and fun,
    who could ask for more?
    I am ready for another season of Mad Men!

    1. Thanks Lisa. I've got some catching up to do on Mad Men . We would binge watch whole seasons on NetFlicks, need to do that again.