Pumpkin Patch

Here is my little pumpkin patch ready for Halloween. I did not get to participate in Amusing Muses Halloween party this weekend because I was busy with my garage sale. The idea was to post something related to Halloween and post your blog on their page then everyone was to visit each others blogs for the party. I would have liked to participate but I had my garage sale scheduled for a while. It was the neighborhood garage sale. It brings loads of people into the neighborhood and I don't have to pay for an ad in the newspaper. I love having garage sales. I get to make a little money and get rid of a lot of junk at the same time. I bought a new microwave oven with my earnings. Whoo hoo...my old one was about 20 years old. It was time for a new one even though the old one still worked.
I'm ready for fall. The temperature has finally gotten into the 80's. That's cool for us. The leaves are starting to fall. The sky is clearer. It feels great. All I want to do is putz around outside. I'm itching to start a new piece of art. I think I'll move my studio outside today.


  1. Hi Charlie!

    I'm so behind on reading blogs.

    Love your pumpkin patch. It's just too cute!

  2. You may have missed the "party" but you've decorated your patch with time to spare for the season. It looks good!! Hope you had a successful garage sale and let us know what you did when you moved your studio outdoors

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