Pincushion Cupcakes

No longer available!

I am now making these adorable cupcake pincushions. I'm having a blast! The best part is I'm using left over scraps of fabric, beads from jewelry making and ribbons from scrapbooking. I also made this cupcake stand.
I do not know why my muse has led me to make these other then I felt the need to do something other then painting. I love to do all sorts of crafts. Mosaics has been calling me too but can't seem to get a grip on that one. It's so hot out and mosaic is an outside job. I am selling the cupcakes on my etsy, but it will be nice to have these smalls at some of the shows I'll be attending. So for now it is work,work, work to get these made for up coming events.
If you would like to see the others go to Charlotte's Collection.

Heat Advisory

This is the lot behind my house. The grass is dead because we are in an extreme drought. The grass usually looks this way in August, but this is June! We have had 8 days of 100 degrees and over. It is supposed to be a little cooler today. 101 instead of 103. We are in stage 2 water restrictions about to go to stage 3.
It's just too darn hot! Even still I love the summer. I don't care that I can fry an egg on the sidewalk. I love the feel of the sun on my skin. I know I have to be careful especially in this heat . I already have my summer tan and it's only from the time I spent watering my flowers...what's left of them.... Poor things!.
I got up at 3:00 a.m. yesterday to start my soaker hoses for the back yard. My front yard has a sprinkler system. I sure wish we would have invested in one for the backyard now. It's three times the size of the front. If I had one there..... I would not have to get up at 3:00 a.m!!!!
We are only allowed to water from 3:oo -8:00 a.m. on our designated watering day and then from 8:00-10:00 p.m.
Today we are in another heat advisory and air quality alert day. In other words stay inside and take a lot of showers.
Have a good summer y'all!
Your friend from way down south.

I liked Michael when he was with the Jackson Five!

The Present

"Today is a gift. That's why it is called the Present."

The Alamo City Etsy Street Team is having a trunk show and silent auction to benefit the Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation. I am donating this painting for the silent auction. Members of the team will set up their product for sell. There will be refreshments and the first 15 people will get a free gift bag with samples of what our etsy team members have for sell. How awesome it that!!!! The event is next Tuesday June 23rd. and starts at 7:00 P.M. If you live in San Antonio or near by come downtown to BLink which is at 707 S. St. Mary's which is in the famous South Town, King William district.
Click the link above for more information.
Everyone have a great summer.

My Alice Page

"Could you please tell me which way to go from here?" "That depends a good deal on where you want to get to." said the cat. "I don't much care where." said Alice. "Then it doesn't matter which way you go." said the cat. "So long as I get somewhere."

This quote could not say how I feel better. I guess it basically comes down to knowing where you want to go. If you know that then someone can help you get there. If I knew where I wanted to go, I'm pretty sure I would get there. I'm so confused. I'm sure you are too. Don't you love Alice In Wonderland?
I'm in a different frame of mind right now. I feel an itch to create, but I can not seem to figure out what I want to do. Asking someone for help wont give me the answer either.
Well enough of that.
My weekend was fairly uneventful. My son did not come home , sooooo I had to mow the front yard. Boy! that was work! I'm so out of shape! The backyard can wait until Ryan comes home. Another week wont hurt it.
My husband has decided I need a new car, so we have been wandering the car lots. I really love my truck. I have had it for ten years now. And I really don't want a car payment. But on the other hand a shiny new convertible sure is enticing. I told him my next car was going to be a convertible. I never thought he would take me seriously. Yesterday I test drove a couple of convertibles and have to say driving one is nice. Well we will see....have not bought one yet and they will have to do some dealing to get me to drive one home.


These beauties are in my backyard. They are called Echinacea or the common name is Coneflower. All I know is they are one tough plant. They come back each year and require very little maintenance. My kind of plant. They are drought-tolerant as well. A very big plus in my neck of the woods.
I used my macro lens for these shots. I love that lens. I like how it blurs the background and keeps the subject in focus.

Partly Cloudy Sunny And Mild

As I said I in my previous post I was to spend Wednesday lounging at the pool. AND I DID!
The weather could have not turned out better. It was in the low 90's most of the afternoon. The water felt great, not too cold and not too hot. I had a cute young waiter serving me Pina Coladas! whoo hoo! I'm so spoiled! My friend and I had a splendid time catching up with each others lives. We always say we need to get together more often. (Note to self... really need to set up more girlfriend outings with Marsha.) What a way to start the summer.

Now I'm going to switch gears for a bit. I'm seriously thinking about deleting my other blog Picture This. This blog Art Happens was originally started to house my art work. I wanted it to be for art only, basically my artful journey. The other blog was for my family photos, vacations, just anything I felt interesting to take a picture of. I really did not want to mix art with my everyday life.

After a little over a year of trying to keep up with two blogs I think it is time to streamline my efforts. I found I was not able to post as often here because I was not producing art as prolifically as I thought I would. It was silly of me to think that only a painting or a journal page was all I should post here.

I'm so very sorry to my followers over at Picture This.
Hopefully it will be a liberating experience. It almost feels like jumping off a cliff. Dang!


Here is my latest painting. My rendition of Frida Kahlo. I've been working on two new paintings for the" Haute Pink Bazaar" my etsy teams first trunk show. It is to benefit the local breast cancer charity on June 23rd which is National Pink Day.
The other painting I'm working on will be donated to the silent auction. Pictures to come later.

I can tell summer is here because I do not feel like doing anything. I'm so lazy right now. All I want to do is play "farm town" and "mafia wars" on my facebook. I feel so guilty. What a waste of time. I'm so glad I finished these paintings. Now I can play. I want to go to the coast. We have a trip planed in July. It seems too far away. Luckily tomorrow I'm going to hang out at the pool at a nice resort here in town. My husband has a company meeting there so I get to take advantage of it. He usually plays golf while I'm lounging around and running up a bar tab. He wont get to play golf because of his operation, but I'm sure someone will let him ride along for the fun of it. Poor baby.
Now I'm off to take back a swimsuit I bought yesterday aaaaggg!!!. That's another story! I need to go on a diet. Yikes! I like to eat and drink too much. No way am I ever going to stop that! Everyone will have to just put up with my flabby legs and cellulite.
Everyone have a happy day.