Altered Art Journal Letter S

I thought my muse took a vacation in regards to this journal. I could not for the life of me remember what I wanted to do for this page. I have been working on my paintings "Marie Antoinette" and "Believe in your Dreams" for the past month. This journal has taken a back seat to the paintings. The other day while blogging I went to Mixed Media Monday and notice the next weeks prompt was beaches. A light bulb went off in my head. Duh... I remembered the Sea was what I had intended to use. I love to go to the coast. I knew all along a beach theme was what I wanted to do for letter S.
I guess I'm losing my memory. I need to start writing ideas down. Thank goodness for challenge blogs like MMM.

New etsy banner

Here is my new etsy banner! I've been practicing in PS. and having so much fun! I also think I have spring fever. It has been hard for me to stay inside. I have been working in the yard. Busy as a bee planting spring flowers and spreading fertilizer. We have had a few 90 plus days here and there, not uncommon for South Texas.
My mind has been so preoccupied with my husbands health issues.
I feel I am neglecting my art and my blog. When we get more answers maybe I'll be able to get back to normal.
Everyone have a great day!

My Marie

Here is my version of Marie Antoinette.
I just listed her for sale on my Etsy. Head on over to take a peek.


"Time is never time at all. You can never ever leave without leaving a piece of youth."
From Tonight,tonight by Smashing Pumpkins
I had hoped to play the song on my playlist but it is not available.
Time is a very important to me. I never seem to have enough of it.


Here is my Max. He is the most expensive free dog I've ever owned. Poor thing has allergies, so he goes to an allergist...yes.. you heard me right. I don't care! He is my baby right now. I will spend whatever it takes. He is the sweetest dog. We spend all day together. He follows me everywhere and I take him as many places as I can. He stays in the truck while I run in the stores. We can only do this in the spring and winter. The other times of the year are too hot. He would be a lap dog if he weren't so big. He is a basset hound lab mix. He is a funny dog. You can tell he is getting gray. He is about 8 years old..already. I had to buy more serum for his allergy shots yesterday. I thought I was going to have an heart attack. I forgot how expensive the serum was....shhhhh can't tell my husband! He would die. This is the reason I only have one animal right now. I can't afford another one. But anyway, don't know where I'm going with this...other than I'm just sharing him and using his picture to practice in PS.

Happy Easter

I can not believe it is Easter 2009! Time flies! We will be spending our Easter in Yoakum. My family, my sisters and their families and my Mom will be getting together for our annual Easter dinner.
So... I'm taking a little time off of blogging.
Everyone have a wonderful Easter! Spend time with your families and be happy.

Just a note here.... this is not my art work, found it on google images.

New Art

This painting is about the beauty queen in all of us. What girl has not dreamed of being Miss America or a model or actress, cheerleader, ballerina etc. and did nothing about it? This one is for all girls who did not believe in themselves or their dreams.

I had another crazy day yesterday with this new lap top. I finished this painting and wanted to scan it in. I thought my husband had installed what was needed for the printer to work. But nooooo! I had to call technical support to install drivers because my 3 year old printer is obsolete. Yes it's no longer supported, same problem as my camera. We bought such advanced computer nothing we have works with it. The guy at tech support literally took over my computer online somehow. I had to give him permission to do this. It was crazy watching the cursor move around with out me doing the task. My husband says this happens all the time with his work computer. I am not in the work force so this is something new to me. This whole ordeal has been so frustrating it is comical....My hubby and I laughed until we cried last night as I was explaining to him what happened. I dropped my mouse and broke it right before I called tech support. The ball fell out and would not stay in the socket. I could not get anything to work. The man who helped me .....heaven help him ....must have the patience of a saint. If my conversation was recorded during this session I'm sure they (tech support at HP) had a really good laugh. Sooo, this morning I went out and bought another mouse.....YAY! I hope this is it. I can't think of anything else that is needed to get my new computer working but I'm sure I am missing something.