Memories from the 60's

Sharing an oldie. I remember this song from my childhood. They played it on Mad Men when Don got dumped by his wife.... I have to say he deserved it.  I love that show. It brings back all kinds of memories. I was only six in 1963 but a lot happened that year that I remember.

Deck Project

It's almost finished. All we have to do is stain the closed in part that is the storage unit. I'm really happy with it. The concrete is a little weird, but really not that big a deal. It's a little too slopped for my liking. But who am I to say. I'm not an engineer. They said it needs to be slopped for drainage.
It rained this morning which is great, so have to wait for it to dry before I can do more staining.
That means working in the studio making artsy crafty things. That will be fun.

I listed these cute little quilted patchwork wall hangings Friday. Check them out. I think they are neat.

Click the link below each photo and it will take you to each listing in my shop.