Lucky At Love

Here is my entry for Mixed Media Monday.
Another digital endeavor.
I found this picture of the jack of spades card in a magazine on the plane to Vegas. I did not think I would use it so quickly. I guess I'm lucky at love because I'm certainly not lucky at cards.

Girls & Dolls

Here is my entry for Mixed Media Monday.
It's my first digital layout. Woo hoo!
It is taking me a while to learn, but I'm getting there.

Bon Vovage

Here is the back of the art journal. It will probably be a travel journal, so the back cover had to have a travel theme. Hopefully I'll fill it up with all kinds of good stuff from some of my journeys... With the price of gas these days and the problem with the airlines, I don't know how much traveling I'll be doing. I have a trip to Las Vegas planned for the near future. Vegas is one of my favorite places to go. The Pairs Casino is the closest I'll ever get to the Eiffel Tower. I love having cocktails in the gazebo bar under the legs of the Eiffel Tower.
I did something different on this collage. I'm wondering if it is noticeable. Any comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking.

Art Journal Cover

Yesterday's Paris theme over at MMM inspired me to do another collage. I did this on a cover of a new art journal. I think I'll use it when traveling. I have to do the back, maybe tomorrow. I really like the way it came out. I did something new. It seems I never do the same thing twice. This time I took a sponge brush roller, the cheap one's you can get at the craft store, and rolled it in three different colors. Then I rolled that over the top to finish it off. I usually wipe the last layer on. This gives a different feel. I think it needs a title. And maybe a few more finishing touches like ribbons or something of that nature. Maybe you all could help me with the title. Any input is greatly appreciated.


I love to do the Paris theme. I'm crazy for anything French. Mixed Media Monday is doing the Paris theme this week. Here is an ATC done with a photo transfer of the Eiffel tower. I especially cherish this photo of the tower because it is from a collection of Paris photos my Dad got while he served in WWII. He actually marched into Paris just like the movies show. I just made a copy of the photo and did the gel medium transfer, used the French script stamp from stampin up, scrap paper, and pink glaze.

Peace On Earth

My entry for IMT this week is this little doodle "Peace on Earth". I have not seen the peace sign used very much these days. Maybe I'm not looking.
Peace and thanks for looking.