Tiny Dancer

Here is my little, Tiny Dancer. She loves to dance and dreams of becoming a professional tap dancer one day. She is on her way to an audition and is so, so worried. (One day she will make it big.)

I finished this painting a while back, but I'm just now getting to post here again. I had to take a break from blogging. My mom had emergency surgery the beginning of August. She was in  ICU for a week, a regular room for two weeks and now she is in a rehab / nursing facility. I was driving to see her every 3 days. I have two sisters so we took turns staying with her. Now she is a little closer to home so the drive is not so long.
My mom really gave my sisters and I a big scare. We almost lost her. She needed the surgery or she would die for sure. She had an abscess in her intestine that had to be removed. The surgery was really hard on her. It would be tuff for anyone but she is 91. It was so hard to see her go through so much pain. She is learning to feed herself and learning to walk again through rehab. My visits have gone down to once a week so I have a little more time again.  I was taking classes from Suzi Blu before this all happened. Tiny Dancer is one of my projects from her class. I've enjoyed the lessons so much. I'm working on another doll painting right now and can't wait to show her off.
Hopefully my next post will be my latest painting.
Have a great week.