Wine Glass Wednesday

How fun is this!
We have a teacup why not a wine glass Wednesday?
My friend Lisa at Priti Studio  thought of this. She is brilliant! I immediately jumped on the band wagon.
It will be fun!
Check out her blog by clicking the link to see her wine glass and any other participants wine glasses.

When I went digging around my hutch filled with glasses of all sorts, I thought this one here would be the best to present for wine glass Wednesday. Bringing it out brought out all kinds of memories.
I painted this glass years ago. I sold a few in the little antique shop I had back then, more then 10 years ago.
Painting on wine glasses is just one of the many crafts I've done through the years. One of the many crafts I've tried to sell.
I have a lot of brainy ideas. I have always been all over the place when it comes to art and crafts.
I get bored doing the same thing over and over. I have to change things up a bit. It's so obvious in  my Etsy store. I sell broken china jewelry, fabric totes, memory glass pendants, shell earrings, cards, original art and ACEO's.
I like to paint and draw and doodle.
I keep a watercolor art journal.
I also love digital collage, and I love, love, love to take pictures.
When I look back on one of my old projects like this painted wine glass I immediately think to myself "Oh that's not bad!"
Back then when I created something I thought  it was horrid. I'm better now. I'm not so critical of my own art. I guess I've grown a little, learned to accept myself and let my muse do what she wants. I think she is happier and so am I.

Teacup Tuesday

Last week I posted only one of my blue and white teacups from my mix and match set. I thought I should post the others out of this group before I move on. Interesting enough they are all from England, two are Johnson Bros, one Salem China Co, and the other Myott. I did not realize they were all from England.

 Coaching Scenes by Johnson Bros.

         English Villages by Salem China Co.

 Melody by Myott

When I started collecting teacups I really did not care where they came from or if they were old. They had to catch my fancy for whatever reason. I usually went for the floral pink rose types, so these were not typical.  This blue and white set has a nice, creamy feel. I like them all, really no particular one is my favorite. It's a nice set to bring out for company. 
I'm getting ready for the fourth of July and I've been pulling out all my red, white and blue. I think this set looks great on the red place mat. Too bad I wont be using them for the BBQ.
Teacup Tuesday is sponsored by Martha  and Terri each Tuesday.
Check out their blogs for more teacups. Join in the fun if you want.

Inspiration Avenue Weeklly Challenge: Circus

This weeks theme at Inspiration Avenue is 

  "Vintage Gathering"
I love vintage! This is a digital collage. I love putting the images together and playing around with the filters. I wanted to create a new vintage feel...if that makes sense.
Head on over to Inspiration Avenue to see the other entries.

Endless Possibilities

My muse has taken me in a digital direction. I'm combining some of my photos in phototshop and making cards. What do you think? Some are a little silly some are sweet and normal. I guess I have a goofy side that wants to come out.

Hubby was not too keen on the cupcake in the chair. I don't know.....It could happen.  He was not too crazy about the monkeys either. Really? I think they are cute!

All I know is I'm having fun and the possibilities are endless.

Teacup Tuesday

This one is not old but I like it anyway. It has a Johnson Brothers, made in England marking on the bottom. I have four blue and white cups not matching but they go together to me. I like to mix and match everything. Great size for a cuppa tea. If you like teacups and would like to share yours check out Teacup Tuesday.



This weeks theme at Inspiration Avenue is "Wish".
Here is my entry. I did this painting a little over a year ago. I can't believe it has been that long since I  painted her. Where does the time go? So my wish is, I wish I had more time. I never seem to have enough.
If you would like to see more entries or enter the challenge have yours in by noon Sunday  at Inspiration Avenue.

View of my Backyard

 Come on over and take a stroll with me through my backyard. It has a rather whimsical country feel and look.

We don't take baths in this but I love the sound the fountain makes.

Urn with America Flags

I'm ready for July 4th. this year. I never decorate in the 4th of July decor but this year I've really gotten into it. 

Rosemary hanger

I've got a lot of hanging things all over the place. 

Hanging Lantern 

What is a yard without a Chandelier? I've had this hanging out so long the yellow plastic dangles have faded. I don't get to use this as much as I would like but it's nice just hanging there. I have some wind chimes, bird feeders and of course a tomato topsy turvy which does not look like it will ever produce any tomatoes and my chairs which you have seen already. I got my lights up but I'm having a hard time taking pictures of them. Oh and by the way I still have to refinish 3 more chairs. I got tired, so not sure if they will get done before the end of the summer. Hope you enjoyed the stroll.
Have a great day!

Teacup Tuesday

Good morning. Today I present this lovely peacock teacup. I thought he would like to go outside among the flowers and herbs. This is a very delicate fine china piece. Markings on the back say hand painted nippon. I don't remember where I got it. I think someone gave it to me. I feel so bad I do not remember who. I'm sure it was not a special occasion or I would have remembered. I love the delicate feel of these old hand painted cups. Only problem you really can't put a lot of tea in them so I never use them. Probably a good thing, I would not want to break one.
If you would like to see more teacups check out the official teacup Tuesday site at Martha's Favorites  for more entries.

Summer Fun & Relaxation

This weeks Challenge at Inspiration Avenue is "Summer Fun & Relaxation"!

This is my favorite part of summer. I love to go to the beach and lay out all day. I get up early to find the perfect spot. I lug my umbrella, lounger, & beach towels. An ice chest full of beer, cokes, water, cheese doritos, oreos and beer rocks for snacks and drinks. My pink straw beach bag carries a good book,  sunscreen, sunglasses, visor, cell phone and camera. I can almost hear the sound of the ocean now. Ahhhhhhh.

 If you would like to participate in the fun have your entry in by noon Sunday.

How Does Your Garden Grow

Ok I know I'm late with this entry. The deadline was yesterday at Inspiration Avenue. The challenge was "How does your Garden Grow". It was a great inspiration for my art journal.
I love gardening and spending time outdoors. I've been doing a lot of this lately. I have not finished my chairs yet. I"m taking a little break from them because I got diverted to putting up lights on the porch. It took us {hubby and me} all weekend to do this little project. Yikes! I did not know it was going to be so much work. We had to buy a 10 foot ladder and it was not tall enough, but we made do. I love how they turned out. I originally wanted to line the rafters in the ceiling of the roof but it was way too high to get up to the tip top. I compromised.
So my porch is coming along nicely. My yard/garden is too.Me and my big ideas always turn out to be so much work. But it's worth it.
Have a great week and hope you are enjoying the summer. It's summer here already. We hit heat index of 100 over the weekend. Gotta love the heat to live in Texas. 

Sea Shell Earrings

Sea Shell Earrings

Just listed these in my Etsy shop. The beach lingers on in my heart and soul. I found these cute little things while walking the beach. I'm usually so obsessed with finding the biggest shells only that I forget the little ones have more finesse. These are really sweet. I broke one smaller set already trying to put the tape on. Not as easy as it looks.  Now I will rummage through my stash for the smaller shells to make more earrings. Yet another project I've gotten myself into   :)

Texas Gulf Coast

Vacation is over. Now I have to get back to normal. I could sit on the beach all day. I hated to have to come home. Oh well.
Our coastline is doing ok so far. No oil has drifted on shore! YET! I'm so upset with that oil rig explosion and the fact that they can not contain the gushing. I know it will only be a matter of time before the gunk comes to the Texas beaches. Must be a bunch of idiots working for BP! How can they not come up with a solution?????
Enjoy the pictures while you can.!