Wine Cork Place Card Holders

The wedding is almost upon us. I'm so excited and nervous I could jump out of my skin. Since we are the parents of the groom, we will be hosting the rehearsal dinner Friday night. Hubby and I decided to do a seating arrangement so we need place card holders. The wedding will be held at a winery and we wanted to keep with the theme. Luckily we have been saving our wine corks since who knows when. I love this idea.
Glue three corks together to make triangle, (so it will stand up properly). But first slice/cut top of one cork before it is glued down. This is where my hubby came in. He used his jigsaw to cut the top slice to hold the card.
I like to make everything so I just cut out cards from card stock and stamped a cute butterfly on the side. Names are handwritten. Does not look like it came from a professional printer which is exactly what I wanted.
Just wanted to share this little project. The count down has begun and I've got many a things to do.
I probably won't be able to take pictures with my camera but I will try to sneak in a few with my cell so I can post some here asap, after all is over.
Hugs and toodles,

Girl With Red Curly Hair

Here is my latest work...of Art.
I've been playing around in our new joint art room/office.
My husband retired so we moved his humongous desk in my art room.
Which is a good thing...... because the bed moved into his old office & so now I won't get paint all over my mom's bed.
I also have a lot more room.
It's a good thing.....sometimes.
Sometimes he won't leave.
What is a girl to do?