Wow 2012 is almost over and what a crazy year it has been! I can not believe all that was packed into the year 2012.  I'm glad it is over. While it had a lot of positive happenings, it sure had a lot of negatives too. Somehow we got through them.
We finally settled into our new home. We did a ton of work to it. This year I want to take a break from the house and do something different. I'm not sure what yet.
I've been pondering different things, like doing some volunteer work. In general doing more things that get me out of the house.
The usual resolution like eating better is top on the list. The easiest thing I will be doing is cutting out margarine. No more fake butter. It's nothing but the real stuff for me from now on.
As always I want to spend more time developing my art. Speaking of my art I got inspired yesterday and created this little piece..."Snowbirds". I got inspired from a piece of tissue paper from one of my Christmas gifts. Funny how this happens. The background is made from this pretty turquoise tissue paper and matching tissue paper with white snowflakes. It was too pretty to throw away. I never throw out tissue paper anyway. I reuse it. I'm so frugal like that. The pretty stuff goes in my art supply stash.

I'm very excited about the new year. I look forward to what it might bring. I wish peace and love to all and may 2013 be the best year ever.

It's looking a lot like Christmas

Lights are up, Christmas tree is decorated, presents are wrapped and I even did a few Christmas decorating projects. I did the faux mercury glass on these wine glasses and Christmas ball ornaments. I love the look of hanging ornaments from the chandelier. I can see doing this every year and adding more and more. 
I had to revisit how to take photos of Christmas lights. Not too bad for not using a tripod. I can't stand to  drag that thing out. If I can't get a good shot without it, I just as soon not take them. Too much trouble and I cant get a good angle anyway.
Not much left to do but clean and cook, maybe add more lights to the front of the house. I've got a lot of lights that I could hang but I keep thinking of all this stuff I have to take down when it's all over. 
Do I really want to add more at this point?? Sigh! 

Little Boy Super Hero

Her is my latest painting which is a Christmas gift for my little nephew. 
His sister got a painting from me last year. I did not think he actually wanted one but he asked me if I would paint him one too., so of course I did. And here he is! Ta Da!  A little super hero for the rough and tough little boy. Hope he likes it. 

20 days until Christmas
15 days until doomsday! 

Snicker,Snicker,  cant' believe all the doomsday stuff that is on TV.

Vintage Reindeer

What a delightful surprise! Here is a sweet little reindeer that I got from my moms Christmas decorations collection. My mom kept everything. I guess I'm glad. Now I get to enjoy it. I don't know how old it is but it's got to be from at least the 60's, maybe older.
Hope you all are having fun this lovely December getting ready for Christmas.