More Journal Pages

These are from my watercolor journal. Next step is doodling. That will be fun. Now I know I will take this one on my trip. I'll take the other one too. I write too much and I really need a separate journal for writing. No way around it. I may write a bunch of rambling nothing but it sure helps me organize my thoughts for the day. I've been writing in a journal for a couple of years now and would be a total wreck if I didn't. I have a feeling the art journal will give the same results. I'll just have to get up earlier each morning. Ha ha....I sleep a lot and I am not an early bird.

Journal Page Letter O

I'm doing these next pages in my altered art journal a little bit differently. I'm working on 3 at a time. Plus I started yet another journal, a watercolor journal for Pam's class. Maybe it is too many to keep up with because I have a travel journal that I started last year. Now I can't decide which one to take on my trips (the watercolor journal or the travel journal). Obviously this one here Letter O and Letter N are not finished. I've just added the collage elements, more to come later.
We saw "Slum Dog Millionaire" yesterday. What a great movie! It better win best picture of the year! I really loved it and recommend it to everyone. You will cry and cry. It will make you feel so blessed and thankful. I will never complain about anything ever again. I heard The Wrestler is really good too.

Tag You're It

I've been tagged by my friend Candace. Thank you very much my dear. This is hard. I had to dig deep to find something interesting about myself. To tell 6 different facts about myself that most people do not know. Then tag 6 other bloggers.
Here are the rules.
1. Link to the person who tagged you (as I did with Candace).
2. Mention the rules.
3. Tell 6 things about yourself.
4. Tag 6 other bloggers by linking to them.
5. Go to each person's blog and leave them a comment to let them know they've been tagged.

I know I must have some goofy quirks about myself that I can tell you. I don't want to get too personal but then I don't want to be too generic either. Here we go:

I think I'm weird. Does that count as one?

Here is one. I laugh a lot, maybe too much because I laugh when I'm nervous.

Sometimes I say the stupidest things and wonder to myself where in the heck did that come from. I did not mean to say that.

Here is something a little generic I have curly hair but straighten it, go figure. You know how it is. You're never satisfied with what you have.

I'm a Libra. I see both side to everything therefore I have a hard time making decisions.

And number 6 is I love to go to the coast (which is what we call the beach here in Texas) but I don't like to swim and I don't like seafood. Well....I don't mind getting wet but I really don't like being in the ocean with all those icky creatures.

Here are my tags. Tag you're it. You lucky dogs.


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keep oN kEEping oN

I scanned this instead of going outside to take a picture. It is a little blurry. Sorry for that.
The next step for this journal page is doing the collage part. I'm not finished.
I did the ings (organizing, cleaning, exercising, doing), yesterday to get me out of my funk. It has helped. I just could not leave this blog with a negative post. It helps to express when I'm down but the best way to get out of it is to stop the negativity. I have to tell myself over and over to stop it. And it works.

Stay Positive

The past few days have been off for me. I'm feeling off. I think I'm fighting an eclipse or a block coming on. I'm trying to stay positive. All I can manage to do is sketch. So here they are. I'm trying to work in my journals, but I feel like I'm treading water. I started a painting over a week ago and it is just sitting there. I keep looking at it . I know what to do. I just can't make myself work on it. I'm anxious and antsy like I'm forcing things. I can not decide the next course of action. I'm not sure if I should work on more jewelry. My heart is not into jewelry but that is what sells. Must be the winter blues.

Journal Pages

Maybe if I start working on more than one page at a time I'll be able to get more done. Here are the backgrounds for the next three pages in my Altered Art Journal. I have to keep reminding myself that the way I do things is unique to me and that is what makes me, me. I can not compare myself to other artist. For some reason I want my stuff to look like other artist I admire. If I really think about it that is crazy. I want to have my own style, so why would I want my art to look like theirs. Does any one else have this problem?

Altered Art Journal Letter M

I am doing a journal page every day as inspired by Misty Mawn. She has suggested self portraits. As I said in my previous post the first try was a mess. I am working on my altered art journal which is an abc journal about me. I am on letter M. It became obvious to do a self portrait of me. I did not sketch from a photograph. I used a makeup mirror instead. It resembles me, minus a few wrinkles. Teehee..I'll just leave those suckers out. I tried to work fast since the challenge is to do one a day. I could not get it done in one day. It took me most of yesterday to do. I worked on it for about four hours intermittenly. I did'nt get too fussy with the background. I have to say this has been a fun challenge, but I don't see how some can do one a day. I guess I'm slow. I think it is funny how so many of us wear the same oblong glasses.

Altered Art Journal Letter L

Here is the next page in my Altered Art Journal...L for Love.
I am going to attempt to do a journal page every day as prompted by Misty. I will do my own thing like always. I know I can"t finish one of these pages from this altered journal every day. However, I write in a notebook every morning and sketch in a sketch book most days. I work on different art projects also. This morning I thought I would combine the two: my diary with my sketch book. What a mess! Misty suggested doing a self portrait. Yuk! I did not like what I saw.... too many wrinkles. It turned out terrible. Not just because of the rendition of myself. I'm so anal. I like to write in straight lines. I usually ramble on about nothing. I have come to conclude I have nothing to say. I think I fear writing more than drawing. This is a real challenge for me.... to combine the two journals. I probably will not post each page because I'm not going to post something I do not like. Just knowing I'm doing the challenge is enough for me. Hopefully something good will come of it.

Dreaming of Snow

I wish I were on the slopes. I have not been in years because the last time I went skiing I tore my ACL. That seems like a lifetime ago. It is cold and dreary here. We are finally getting a winter day. A good day to stay inside and sketch....Later I'll curl up with a good book and some hot cocoa. But for now my son wants to go to Wall Mart...why I do not know. Not my favorite store. I have to pull myself away from the computer since it is in his room and get on with the day.

Happy New Year 2009

What are your New Years Resolutions?
Ringing in the New Year from downtown S.A. I'm wishing everyone A Happy 2009.
I've been thinking about my new years resolutions and wondering what everyone is dong for theirs. I'm going to; exercise more, eat and drink less, be more adventurous, do more art work, scrap booking & journaling. 2008 I was easy on myself and I got a little lazy. This year I have to put out more product. I also have to make a huge effort to answer my cell phone. It is never with me when it rings so I guess that means I have to put it in my pocket from the time I get up in the morning to the time I go to bed. This is for my family and friends who say I never answer the darn thing.