Thanksgiving Turkey Day Aprons

Thanksgiving Apron

Turkey Apron

I could not stop with only making Halloween aprons, so I continue on to Thanksgiving and made these Turkey day aprons. They are now listed in my Etsy shop.

I love displaying holiday aprons in my kitchen during each of the seasons/holidays. They look great hanging from a hook if you don't have a dress form. Just a little FYI.

I'm in the midst of decorating for my Halloween party....changing a few things here and there from last year. I have tons to do and I'm starting to get that anxiousness that comes with the holidays. I try to start early so this does not happen but here it is anyway. I guess because my calendar is filling up and I will probably have to have my knee scoped. Oh yea! I'm so looking forward to doing that....NOT!
"It's always something."  "It is what it is." "C'est la vie"....I don't know .....what other saying can I throw out?