A page from my art journal

January Girl

January Girl has learned so much. Some simple little truths have finally dawned on her. Little words that she knew to be true never made so much sense until now. Stop worrying about the small stuff is one that is so simple but so hard to do.  Learning to enjoy the moment instead of looking to the future and crying about the past is another. She has learned to just let it go. Most of all she has realized how controlling she has been. It feels so good to let someone else decide. She has realized she can not have faith and still be fearful.  She now understands she can not be supportive if she is always criticizing.
Night and day, light and dark can not occupy the same space at the same time. 

Simple little truths that mean so much are sometime very hard to grasp. Yea for January Girl! These things have finally dawned on her.


Apartment Life

"Hello I love You"

 I took this photo in New York last year and love how it turned out.  I love the color pop effect.  (Lyrics by the Doors, written on a stairway, leading up somewhere, maybe to someones apartment/home.) Too cool! AND I'm looking through a doorway at all of this. How neat!  I wish I could remember where I took this photo. Probably somewhere near China Town. I think we were on our way there, but not sure.

If you keep up with my blog you know I am going through some major changes. We sold our home after 25 years. We are living in an apartment and believe it or not..... I'm having fun! I feel like I'm on vacation. I have always wanted to move into a cottage by the sea for the summer, or rent a cabin for the winter, or better yet live in a teeny apartment in New York city. But who has money for that???? Only in the movies.
I've decided this is the next best thing. Having most of my stuff in storage and knowing this is temporary is very nice. Things are really simple. A little boring at times since I don't have "my stuff". I'm getting an itching to paint but oh well. I'll try to do more photoshop.
 I'm sure I'll be ready to move out soon enough, especially if and when we find a house.

 Wish us luck so that we will find the perfect home, because I don't want to live here forever. Lol!